Best 5 Elden Ring Mods in 2023

Best 5 Elden Ring Mods
15/05/2023/ Best 5 Elden Ring Mods / Credits – Youtube

Elden Ring is one of the games players are linking as the gaming landscape continuously evolves. Gamers discover new games and stick to those that make them feel adventurous. The game’s mechanics and visuals are excellent, and the storyline and all other elements work nicely together as a whole.

Elden Ring is thriving at the moment; players are exhibiting interest in it, and its developers are doing it admirably. Elden Ring has mods as well, which have elevated the game to new heights. There are numerous modifications, but we’ll focus on the top 5 mods for elevating your Elden Ring experience. Read the article below to learn about the top 5 mods for the Elden Ring in 2023.

Sword Mastery

With Sword Mastery, nearly all weapon movesets have undergone a complete overhaul. Along with stances that are used for guarding and deflecting. Each weapon type has additional attack chains, quicker assaults, and a slightly different camera angle. Sword mastery makes fighting feel like a completely other game with its learning curves and new techniques to keep in mind. Sword fighting is another aspect of this mod. This happens when you and a humanoid foe clash swords simultaneously without anyone getting hurt. A bloodborne rally mechanism of restoring attack health is also included in sword mastery.

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A fight’s equilibrium can be drastically altered by more complex circumstances like dangerous strikes. Although this mod has a lot of potential, it has many bugs.

Boss Arena

Players may face each boss in the game more than once in the boss arena, and they can adjust the fight scale so that it is easier or harder. letting you practice and get a sense of the bouts at your speed. Although by definition this is not immersive, the aesthetics are reminiscent of born fire from DS2. which is very enjoyable and right for a soft game. After choosing your boss, you will be sent to the relevant arena where you will battle it using the chosen settings and loadout. Like a real arena, this mod also enables players to choose from all available weapons.

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No Compass

This simple mod removes the compass from the top of the screen. Having fewer items on screen makes the game feel more immersive. Additionally, the necessity of checking your map for directions makes in-game waypoints seem a little easier to use. Since this mod doesn’t use a regulation, merging should go smoothly.

Lightning Rework

This mod modifies the atmosphere of five important places in Elden Ring.

This includes:

  1. Altus Plateau
  2. Limgravde
  3. Caelid
  4. Liurnia
  5. Gelmir

The overall effects of this mod give the game a darker, grimmer atmosphere. Which aficionados of the original Dark Souls lightning style would enjoy; if you don’t like some of them, you can choose which to install.

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Alchemy and Potions

The majority of consumables are replaced with craftable potions by the mod Alchemy Recipes and Potions. The majority of the potions work similarly to their non-alchemical counterparts. There are many different potions to make, and each one has a unique icon. Some of the unique potions even offer regeneration and resistance. This mod improves the quality of life in general. Despite being non-intrusive and making little changes, it yet provides a special level of immersion.


All of these mods fit one another well, and when used together, they may make Elden Ring a genuinely immersive experience. And the majority of the mentioned mods are merge-friendly.

Written by: Ankit Dasbabu

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