Artisan Foil Valorant: Know About The Latest Skin

Know details about the latest skins named Artisan Foil in Valorant.

Artisan Foil Valorant
Varnish, Nitro and Artisan Foil skins

Artisan Foil Valorant: The new ACT for Valorant is now live and there are several new things in the game. Moreover, the new ACT named Reflection also has a new set of battle pass. As usual, the battle pass is up to 50 levels and players can unlock their rewards by completing missions.

Know about the Artisan foil valorant and the skins in the collection here.

Artisan Foil Valorant: Everything You Need To Know

Artisan Foil Valorant
Knife skins in battle pass

As per the tradition, Valorant has revealed a new set of skins in their battle pass. Furthermore, there are three types of skins available in the battle pass. In the previous Act, the skin which was present was named K-Tac and gave a cool black touch to the guns.

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However, this season the skins give a royal kind of touch to the guns. Also, in this ACT all three skins for premium weapons which are Vandal, Operator, and Phantom are available. There are rare battle passes where the skins for these guns are available.

Artisan foil is the name of Phantom skin in Valorant. Moreover, the skin will be present in four different colours. Players can unlock all the colours by using Radianite points. Along with the Phantom, the Ghost and Knife skin also comes in Artisan foil.

Cost Of Battle Pass Act 2 Episode 3

Like other seasons players will need to spend 100 Valorant points in order to unlock these Artisan foil skins. Moreover, there are also other skins available in the game other than them. Here is a list of rewards and their tiers:

  • Tier 10: Marshal
  • Tier 25: Phantom
  • Tier 30: Bucky
  • Tier 50: Knife
  • Tier 50 (Free Track): Ghost
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So, these are the gun skin of Artisan Foil in Valorant. Here is another other skins and tier:

Buddiesin the battle pass
  • Tier 1: Varnish Bulldog
  • Tier 5: Nitro Odin
  • Tier 15: Varnish Judge
  • Tier 16: Nitro Guardian
  • Tier 25: Artisan Phantom
  • Tier 35: Nitro Vandal
  • Tier 40: Varnish Stinger
  • Tier 45: Varnish Stinger

There are three other skins present in this Act of Valorant other than Artisan Foil. These skins are Nitro and Varnish.

Players will need to spend 1000 Valorant points in order to unlock these skins. However, there are free rewards too. The Artisan Ghost will be a free reward for all the players on reaching tier 50.

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