Apex Legends: How to Bunny Hop in Apex Legends Mobile?

Apex Legends: How to Bunny Hop in Apex Legends Mobile?
Apex Legends: How to Bunny Hop in Apex Legends Mobile?

Apex Legends Mobile Bunny Hop (Bunny Hop) is a character that makes a series of sliding jumps. It is very versatile because it can be used to speed up movement and avoid being hit. Compared to the PC version and CS version of Bunny Hop, the jump interval is longer. Techniques you want to learn if you aim for a higher rank. 

As the rank goes up, the enemy’s aim gets better and the number of hits increases accordingly. There is a high possibility that you will be killed just by moving normally, so if you are aiming for a high-rank band such as master or predator, it is a technique you want to learn.

What is the Use of Bunny Hop? 

When escaping from the enemy: 

Bunny Hop is mainly used to escape from the enemy. In addition to being able to move faster than usual, it can move around from side to side, minimizing the impact of enemies.

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Use immediately during battle: 

Since it is a movement that can increase the movement speed, many situations are useful even during battle. It is useful in all situations, such as when you want to quickly squeeze into the opponent or when you want to eliminate the gap when reloading.

Recovery using vaniho is not possible: 

In the PC version and CS version, recovery using vaniho was powerful, but in the mobile version, recovery while vaniho is not possible. If you recover during the vanish, it will stall and stop on the spot.

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How to Bunny Hop in Apex Legends Mobile? 

Tap crouching

First, let’s tap crouching in the settings. If you put it on hold, you will not be able to keep crouching and the vanity will fail. See the table below for instructions on tapping settings.

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1 Open settings
2 Select the “Gameplay” tab
3 Move, change crouching operation from a basic system to tap

Alternate jumps and crouches

The operation alternates between jumping and crouching while entering the move key. If it is difficult to operate, try changing the button layout and size. If you can’t get it right, we recommend you to keep crouching for a long time. Originally, it jumps at the same time as landing, but with APEX Mobile you can move enough even if you crouch longer.

Timing to use Bunny Hop with APEX Mobile

Here are two times when you can use Bunny Hop. Let’s practice so that we can make use of it in actual battles.

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Use while shooting at a very short distance

The strongest timing for Bunny Hop is a very short distance. It’s especially good with shotguns, so practice shooting shotguns while vaniho. If you want to practice, the following order is recommended.

How to practice
1 Do a straight vaniho
2 Turn in a circle while vaniho
3 Turn around finely while vaniho
4 Perform while shooting the vaniho practice so far

Avoid bullets

Bunny Hop is a character that makes a sudden change at the maximum speed. When reloading or suddenly being shot by an enemy, just doing a vanity will drastically reduce the number of shots. Speaking of avoiding bullets of Apex, it is Lelele and Strafing, but Bunny Hop is the strongest in APEX Mobile.

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