Among Us: What Future Holds for Popular Among Us?

Among Us

After receiving an immense amount of popularity from over the world for Among Us, Innersloth (the developers Among Us) had revealed their plans for Among Us 2 (a sequel of the game which would’ve had more functions than that of the existing game).

Stating the code build-up of the game to have outdated as their primary reason. Since Among Us was built in 2018, the game didn’t support advanced features. It seemed to build a new game way easier than recoding the entire game for the devs.

However, weeks after watching the persistence amount of daily users, the developers announced the cancellation of the sequel and instead, working on improving the parent game Among Us. That means all things planned for the sequel will now be appearing in the existing game.

So, now let’s take a look at what new content will be making their way to the game Among Us in the upcoming days.

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Among Us: Upcoming Features In Among Us

Source: PC Gamer
  • Maps and Modes: The first changes that will grab the eyes of the players would obviously be the maps. Currently, the game contains 3 maps(The Skeld, Mira Headquarters, and Polus). The Devs have stated that the players can expect to see a Henry Stickmin themed location in the near future.
  • More Player Lobby: The number of players in a match is expected to increase by 2-5 to balance the game, which would make it a maximum of 12-15 players in a lobby.
  • New Roles: This is one of the major features that’ll bring changes in the game. In its upcoming days, the game will be more than just a game of Imposter and Crewmember.
  • Colour Blind Support: A handy feature that will be helpful for the players suffering color blindness.
  • Improved Matchmaking: The developers have clarified that to enhance the players’ experience, there will be improved matchmaking which will be based on the selection of mode and skills of the players.
  • Account Management/Adding Friends: This feature will allow the players to have their own identity(ID) and will enable them to add friends.
  • In-game Currency: Which can be used to purchase items from the store (i.e. Pet, Skins, Accessories, etc). Players will be able to obtain/ purchase them in the game.
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The Rise Of Among Us

Among Us was released back in 2018 but, the game came to exposure in the mid of this year after popular Twitch streamers and Youtubers started playing the game. The game then started to gain its fan base and went to become one of the most downloaded games of 2020.

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The simple concept of the game and the interaction while voting is what makes it interesting and gives the game its own identity. The goals of each member are clear and the tasks are simple without any complexity. So, the game’s always ready to welcome the players who haven’t played it before.

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Even with such limited features, the game has been played the most in 2020 by so far. It’ll be interesting to see how much far will go in the future.

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