Free Fire MAX Ruins Top-Up Event for India

Free Fire MAX Ruins Top-Up Event for India
07/02/2023/ Free Fire MAX Ruins Top-Up Event for India / Credits – Garena

In Free Fire MAX, top-up events are ongoing, and the creators frequently move on to the next one after the previous one is finished. While the current Dance Top-Up event is still going strong, gamers have already heard about the upcoming event.

One of the numerous sources for these dumps is VIP Clown, a well-known data miner; as a result, these look reliable. The following top-up event will be referred to as Ruins Top-Up, according to the information he released. After acquiring the necessary diamonds, it will present gamers on the Indian server with three enticing incentives.

Free Fire MAX Ruins Top-Up Event for India

VIP Clown just published a video and a flyer for the forthcoming Free Fire Ruins Top-Up event on Instagram. It is anticipated to begin on February 6, 2023, right after the current Dance Top-Up event has ended.

The data miner also provided information on the prizes that would be awarded during the current event. The following is a list of the freebies that are offered and the associated purchase requirements:

  • Purchase 100 diamonds to get a free Ruins Greatsword
  • Purchase 300 diamonds to get a free Ruins Colossus Loot Crate
  • Purchase 500 diamonds to get a free Gloo Wall – Ruins Colossus

All three goods can be purchased for 500 diamonds, which is definitely not a terrible price.

Despite coming from a number of reliable sources within the community, it is advised to take these leaks with a grain of salt because Garena hasn’t officially announced the arrival of the next top-up event.

Free Fire MAX Ruins Top-Up Event

Garena’s Free Fire MAX Top-Up events are a promotion intended at attracting players to buy in-game money by providing supplementary products, mainly cosmetics, that increase the total value supplied by the in-app purchase. The idea is straightforward: in order to be eligible for the bonuses, players must purchase a specific number of diamonds.

Since users simply need to buy the premium currency in these events, rather than spending diamonds, the benefits are regarded as being gratuitous. Many players get something from such occasions.

Along with this Top-Up event, leaks about the impending Incubator and Diamond Royale have also appeared. In the former, users will discover fresh Woodpecker skins, while Lady Baroque will be available in the next Diamond Royale.

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