Zuxxy and Luxxy PUBG Mobile Champions Officially Left Bigetron Esports

Zuxxy and Luxxy PUBG Mobile Champions Officially Left Bigetron Esports
23/01/2023/ Zuxxy and Luxxy PUBG Mobile Champions Officially Left Bigetron Esports

After being a part of Bigetron Esports for around five years, well-known PUBG Mobile Champions and twins Zuxxy and Luxxy abruptly said goodbye. Playing for the aforementioned squad, both Indonesian superstars started their esports careers in 2018. Since then, they have won several important competitions, including PMCO 2019 Fall Global Finals and World League East 2020, and have grown a sizable fan base.

Zuxxy and Luxxy PUBG Mobile stars have left Bigetron


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Given that they have been participating since the first official event for PUBG Mobile was held in 2018, Luxxy and Zuxxy are two of the PUBG Mobile esports scene’s veteran players. The 19-year-old twins, together with NaTic and KinGzz, were signed by Bigetron RA on May 28, 2018, announcing their arrival into the competitive arena for the game.

With this squad, the organization won the Indonesia National Championship (PINC), their first official competition, and progressed to the PMSC 2018, the inaugural PUBG Mobile global event. The squad next signed Ryzen, who is still a member of the team and is regarded as one of the best athletes in the scene.

The team won medals in several significant competitions in 2019. Including the PMCO Spring Indonesia qualification, Fall Split SEA League, and the famous Club Open Fall: Global Finals. Which served as the year’s second major international competition. In the Global Finals, Zuxxy won MVP for his stunning performances. Bigetron’s lineup had several changes in 2019 when Microboy joined the club while NaTic and KinGzz left.

The team continued to make history in 2020 by winning several competitions. They won the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL): EAST with a resounding victory. Zuxxy and Luxxy both put up impressive performances during the competition. The group also won the PMPL SEA Season 2 competition. Zuxxy also took home the Mobile Esports Player of the Year award at the 2020 Esports Awards.

Achievements of Zuxxy and Luxxy in BTR

The first-ever Global Championship (PMGC), which Bigetron competed in, placed him in fifth place. Additionally, in 2021’s PMPL Indonesia Season 3, when his team placed second overall, Zuxxy won MVP honors. They finished second in the PMPL SEA Season 4 competition, where Luxxy won MVP honors.

The squad hasn’t won any recognized events in the previous two years, though, thus performances have begun to suffer. Their squad placed 16th in the league stage and was unable to advance to the Grand Finals at PMGC 2021, where they displayed lackluster gameplay. They also had subpar outcomes in 2022, placing 26th in the just-completed PMGC and 6th at the PMWI Afterparty.

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