Valorant New Bundle Luna: Release Date, Price, Weapons, and More

Valorant New Bundle Luna
19/01/2023/ Valorant New Bundle Luna / Credits – Riot Games

This month marks the Lunar New Year, and Valorant is prepared to launch a new package in honor of the event. Once it is released, readers can obtain this exclusive collection.

On their official Twitter account, Riot Games posted about the collection and the impending Luna Bundle’s release date. When it comes to introducing new skin lines, Valorant has always been generous. They will surely attend the Lunar New Year festivities.

On January 26 PT, the Luna package will launch, according to Riot Games. As soon as the package becomes available in the game store, readers will be able to purchase it. However, as of the time of writing, we haven’t learned a few crucial specifics concerning the package.

Valorant New Bundle Luna

The Tigris package, which marked the Chinese calendar’s Year of the Tiger in 2022, was presented by Riot Games last year. The forthcoming bundle will commemorate the Lunar New Year, commonly known as the Year of the Rabbit, in a similar manner.

With the start of the Lunar New Year, fans are really excited to welcome another new skinline to the game.

What is the price of the Luna bundle?

Riot Games hasn’t yet announced the tier for the next bundle as of the time of writing. The Tigris collection, which was launched in 2022, was a Deluxe-tier collection, so one might anticipate the same from this one.

Consequently, the total cost of the bundle will be about 5100 Valorant Points (VP). The weapon skins may also be bought individually; the melee skins cost 2550 VP, while the rifle skins cost about 1275 VP. Player cards, gun pals, and sprays are just a few of the cosmetic accessories that players may purchase from the package.

Weapons featured in the Luna bundle

Five weapons that will be part of the Luna package were seen in the teaser. These are the weapons:

  • Vandal
  • Marshal
  • Spectre
  • Ghost
  • Melee

Two beautiful gun friends that will be included with the lovely package were also seen in the teaser. Riot Games has not yet shown any other cosmetics from the line.

Will there be additional VFX?

As shown in the official Riot Games teaser, readers can anticipate more VFX with this Deluxe-tier collection. In the past, Valorant has offered a variety of Deluxe-tier skins featuring eye-catching graphics.

The skinline in this bundle has a vivid and relaxing impact, which perfectly reflects the spirit of the Year of the Rabbit. However, players may not get a finisher with the Luna package.

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Year of the bunny very kawaii desu.

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