PMNC South Asia Wildcard Winners, Qualified Teams and More

31/12/2022/PMNC match wildcard is concluded. New teams can join the finals on January 2023/Credits: Xstreamer YouTube.

On December 30, PMNC: South Asia Wildcard Finals’ fourth and final day concluded. PMNC wildcard winners were announced. Following a string of reliable performances, the Mongolian team SITM Esports won. South Asia is one of the top five regions sending teams to the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) in early 2023.

Since SITM Esports had previously already won the Semifinals rankings, their dominance over the competition was obvious. They got off to a sluggish start in the Grand Finals but finally rallied to win with 266 points and 123 eliminations on Day 3. This team also received the $10,000 winner’s award.

PMNC Wildcard Winners

Another Mongolian team, SEAL Esports, took second place in the competition. With 237 points and 121 eliminations at the end of their campaign, they were awarded a $5,000 cash prize.

The third place went to NB Esports. The team had a good first impression because it held the top rank for a long time. They dropped to third place after SEAL Esports dethroned them. The squad earned $3,500 after finishing with 220 points and 106 eliminations.

The best athlete in the competition was Dylan from the team Bad Intention. 52 eliminations were achieved, averaging 2.12 kills per game.

Qualified Teams

PMNC qualified teams list were given beow;

  • First, SITM Esports (Mongolia)
  • SEAL Esports(Mongolia)
  • NB Esports (Mongolia)
  • Poor Intentions x BiT (Bangladesh)
  • TRZ Esports(Bangladesh)

On Day 4, the team had a fantastic comeback, and they finished fourth overall. After a string of solid performances over the previous two days, the team was able to finish in fifth place, earning qualification for the PMPL.

The Bangladeshi teams 1952, Gremlin Storm, and A1 Esports, which competed in the PMPL: South Asia Fall 2022, did not advance to the subsequent round of the competition. The Grand Finals performances of RGC and Victor Gaming should have been better.

The Mongolian teams dominated because eight of the 11 teams that made it to the PMNC semifinals came from that country. One of the finest teams was the Mongolian squad SITM Esports, who played very well to advance to the semifinals.

A well-known Bangladeshi squad named Bad Intention also gave a solid effort to finish second overall. Beyond all expectations, Mongolia’s STR Esports team finished third in the playoffs. Two well-known teams from Bhutan and Mongolia, Astra Academy, respectively finished ninth and tenth and advanced to the semi-finals.

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