PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes: December 2022

All PUBG Mobile redeem codes
30/12/2022/ All PUBG Mobile redeem codes / Credits – PUBG Mobile

Building a good cosmetics collection in PUBG Mobile is not that difficult. However, if you’re seeking for the quickest method to achieve that, you might have to part with some of your hard-earned money to buy Unknown Cash, PUBG Mobile’s in-game currency.

Most gamers will want to maintain it that way because the game is free to play. However, buying Unknown Cash isn’t the only way to get cosmetics. Battle Points are a different in-game currency that you may use to acquire cosmetic items and crates. The more PUBG Mobile you play, the more Battle Points you will earn.

You may also occasionally be eligible for freebies that are offered on special occasions or seasonal events. These can show up as in-game tasks that you must perform or as redeemable codes that you must enter to access stuff.

These codes are often made public anytime PUBG Mobile establishes a partnership or on special occasions. You should use these coupons as soon as they become available since they won’t be there for very long and you don’t want to lose out on them.

Redeem PUBG Mobile Codes

You must: use the following codes in PUBG Mobile:

  • Open PUBG Mobile on your iOS or Android device.
  • Verify the Character ID for your account, which is adjacent to your profile symbol.
  • Go to the official redemption location for PUBG Mobile with a copy of your Character ID.
  • Type in your Character ID and the code you want to use.
  • Once the security check is complete, your rewards will be sent to your in-game mail.

Get Free Skins in PUBG Mobile

Using redemption codes will be the easiest way to gain free skins in PUBG Mobile. However, not all redemption codes will grant skin prizes, and if none are currently available that do, you’ll need to wait for new ones.

PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes

  • Receive in-game goodies by redeeming EBGURMTDOKS
  • For the Gold Racer Set BTOQZHZ8CQ
  • Redeem for the Leo Outfit: BBKTZEZET3
  • Redeem for 2000 Silver Fragments with code DKJU10GTDSM
  • Redeem for fireworks with code UKUZBZGWF



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