Minecraft Ancient Cities: Items Player can Loot in Minecraft 1.19!

Minecraft Ancient Cities: Items Player can Loot in Minecraft 1.19!
25/12/2022 | Minecraft Ancient Cities: Items Player can Loot in Minecraft 1.19! | Credit: Minecraft

Minecraft Ancient Cities Items Player can Loot in Minecraft 1.19: Do you want to explore Ancient Cities in Minecraft 1.19? Well if you do then it would be best for you to know what type of things or loots you can obtain from Minecraft 1.19 Ancient Cities. But don’t get too greedy because while exploring the Ancient Cities you will have to face Warden.

Warden is scary and is one of the most hostile mobs in Minecraft. With that Warden is also the first blind mob in Minecraft which makes it unique and eye-catching. Still, there is a lot of loot you can find in Ancient Cites and we have listed some of the items in this article.

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What are the Loots you can get in Minecraft 1.19 Ancient Cities?

There are various types of loot that you can get from Ancient Cities in Minecraft. But it may happen that some of you are not familiar with all the loot available in Minecraft 1.19. So here we have listed some of the best loots of Ancient Cities that you can get. Some of the loot that you can get are:

1. Enchanted Books

There are various loots in Minecraft 1.19 Ancient Cities that a player can get their hands on. One of them is nonother than Enchanted Books. If you are a player of Minecraft or have played for a while then you must have an idea about it. Basically to obtain those enchanted books the player needs to obtain the chests first. In that chests, you can find various types of enchantments. That a player can use it for mending, protection, and for more.

2. Enchanted Golden Apples

Another great loot that you can obtain in Ancient Cities is precious and it’s called an Enchanted golden apple. Every Minecraft player is already familiar that how useful enchanted golden apples are for the players. Enchanted golden apples can provide various types of buffs to players. Like regeneration and fire resistance an Enchanted golden apple is one of the most useful and precious loot. That a player can find in Minecraft 1.19 Ancient Cities.

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3. Potion of Regeneration

While facing various hostile mobs in Minecraft the most important thing is health. Because if the battle drags on for a long time then due to low health you will die. To avoid that there are some ways or we can say items that can beneficial for players. To recover health fast and one of them is a potion of regeneration. If you wish to find it you can obtain it in Minecraft 1.19 Ancient Cities pretty easily in some chests.

4. Swift Sneak Enchanted Book

Moving on with the list we have a swift sneak enchanted book that is useful and efficient. For time-saving and it can be easily found as loot in Minecraft 1.19 Ancient Cities. So swift sneak is a boot enchantment that can help a player to move fast. While crouching and most exciting thing is that it will not create any sound. This is useful because Warden in Ancient Cites can attack and detect players from sounds.

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