PUBG New State Invitational Finals: Format, Prize and more

New State Mobile Invitational Grand Finals
24/12/2022/ Qualified teams of PUBG New state Invitational Finals/ Credits: Snapdragon Conquest official.

There are overall sixteen teams were invited to participate in the PUBG New State Invitational finals. Skylights Gaming scored 107 points, winning three of their seven games and demonstrating complete dominance in that period.

On December 21 and 22, these 16 teams will play over two days in four different groups. The highest and second-ranked teams will receive 1.5 lahks and 75K INR, respectively, from the prize pool, which has a total value of 5 lakh INR. The first day’s activities will start at 5:08 PM IST. And last until 10:00 PM IST.

PUBG New State Invitational Finals

Qualified PUBG teams in Finals of the New State Invitational were listed below;

  • Gaming by Skylights
  • Team Insane Gods Reign FLN Revenant
  • The GodLike Esports
  • Team Tamilas, TWOB R Esports, Team XO Chemin Esports, and
  • Gaming by Marcos
  • Big Brother Esports
  • Evils Do Good

Starting at 5:00 p.m., the tournament finals will be televised on Snapdragon Conquest’s YouTube channel. Some of these teams have been directly invited to the third stage of the Snapdragon PUBG New State Pro Series. They will try to do well in the competition to boost their psychological readiness for that competition.

Gods Reign, who just signed Sypher and helped S8UL win the TEC PUBG New State Open, scored 93 points to take second place. S8UL was led to victory by Sypher. With 83 points, Team Insane finished behind them but still put up a tremendous show.

Team Format

Revenant got the fifth position and Godlike Esports got the sixth position respectively along with 72 points. Team S8UL, who competed under the moniker Team IND and finished first in the League’s standings, had a mediocre game, scoring only 52 points and finishing in 12th place. The team must play better in the Grand Finals if they are to win the championship.

Big Brother, Bad Devils, and Marcos Gaming all hardly had time to settle in before finishing in positions 14, 15, and 16 with 50, 50, and 49 points, respectively.

Esportswala’s loss by one point prevented them from making it to the Grand Finals. For the League Stage, which will take place over four days from December 7 to December 10, 32 clubs have been divided into four groups. After all of the matches are completed, the top 24 teams from the overall leaderboard move on to the Semifinals.

The three groups of eight teams each will be formed from these 24 teams for the two-day Semifinals played on December 15 and 16. The PUBG New State Invitational finals will be guaranteed spots for the top 16 teams from this round.

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