PMNC 2022 Nepal Grand Finals: Teams, Schedule, and More

PMNC 2022 Nepal Grand Finals
20/12/2022/ PMNC 2022 Nepal Grand Finals / Credits – PUBG Mobile Nepal

The PUBG Mobile National Championship (PMNC) Nepal 2022 Grand Finals are slated to start on December 21, 2022. For a portion of the $30,000 prize pool and three important spots in PMPL: South Asia Spring 2023, 16 teams will compete in 12 matches throughout the course of the highly anticipated tournament.

At the Bhrikutimandap Exhibition Hall in Kathmandu, this first official PUBG Mobile LAN event in the nation will take place. The top 13 teams out of the 32 had previously advanced to the competition’s Grand Finals stage following three days of tough action in the semi-finals.

PMNC Nepal 2022 Grand Finals qualified teams

The following sixteen teams have earned spots in the Grand Finals competition:

  1.  Abrupt Slayers

  2.  JyanMaara

  3.  Da Atrax Esports

  4.  LEO Gangsters

  5.  Illumin8 Crew

  6.  Lordx Official

  7.  JM Academy

  8.  Gorkhali Warriors

  9.  Team Fearless GunSquad

  10.  Arms of Andromeda

  11.  Tribe Aeromacy

  12.  Golden Warriors

  13.  Nepcrew Officials

  14.  Team Xtreme

  15.  Vikings Esports

  16.  Valor Esports

The 16-team lobby will be completed by three additional teams from PMPL: South Asia 2022 Fall, in addition to the qualifying teams.

Prize pool distribution PMNC Nepal 2022

The first and second runners-up will get $5000 and $3,500, respectively, while the champions of the PMNC tournament will take home a cash reward of $10,000. Additionally, a $1,000 personal prize will be given to the tournament MVP. The remaining prizes will be given out based on where each team finishes in the final rankings.

Semifinals overview

The LEO Gangsters’ performance in the semifinals was commendable, as they dominated the overall rankings. The club is undoubtedly hoping to continue their winning streak into the championship game.

Similar to that, the seasoned team Illumin8 Crew performed admirably in the semifinal round. The squad demonstrated their in-game skill and strong fragging potential by placing second overall. The group will have a strong chance of winning the Grand Finals.

Lordx Official and the Academy lineup of JyanMaara earned third and fourth place in the final rankings, respectively, as a result of strong efforts. These two teams will each try to repeat their Grand Finals stage performances.

With reference to seasoned teams, Team Xtreme unexpectedly narrowly made it to the Grand Finals. The squad, who placed 12th after the semi-final round, is undoubtedly seeking to step up their game and secure one of the top three slots in the Grand Finals.

There are a few other quality rosters to keep an eye out for, including seasoned teams from the PMPL SA Fall like Abrupt Slayers and Da Atrax.

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