Genshin Impact Naku Weed Locations: Where to find and its use?

Naku Weed locations
10/11/2022/Genshin Impact Naku weed locations can be find out easily/Creativity: miHoYo

Teyvat offers local specialties,” which are typically flowers or insects, for each location. For instance, Sumeru has scarab insects, and Mondstadt has philanemo mushrooms. These things, as well as occasionally some tools or other item recipes, are required to advance characters from the area Geneshin Impact. The regional specialty plant of the Inazuma area is the Naku weed. Where there is a high electron concentration, it grows on solitary stalks. Although you can’t cook with it, it’s a necessary item for some Inazuman characters to advance. Most Inazuma islands have Naku Weed, however, we’ve selected a few of the best spots here:

Kannazuka Island and Yashiori Island

Weeds can be found between Yashiori and Kannazuka island. Due to the electric concentration, they are primarily concentrated in the Taratasuna area on Kannazuka. And on the Yashiori side of the valley, near Fort Fujitou.

Genshin impact naku weed Island of Narukami

On the main Inazuma island, there aren’t many weed sprouts. But there are a handful in the electrically charged crevasse near the Grand Narukami Shrine. Outside Konda Village on the west side, there is a trio of drugs as well.

Island of Seirai

Naku Weeds are growing all over Seirai Island; the only spot where they are concentrated heavily is in the lower left corner of Amakumo Peak. The remaining people are mostly dispersed throughout the nearby islands, notably Koseki Village.

Β You have other options besides foraging in the outdoors if you want to collect Naku Weed. The plant is now available in two stores: Babak in Port Ormos and Tsukumomono Groceries in Inazuma City. Five weeds, which replenish every three days, are sold by each person for 1,000 Mora.

What is the purpose of Genshin Impact Naku Weed locations?

The use of Naku weed is varied. It is not edible, like many harvestable plants, however, it may be utilized in various crafting recipes and as a specialty item for ascending characters in the area.

In addition, the weeds are used to create Electrolucus Resonance Stones, which are available at the crafting table and can be used to locate Electrolucus. Five Naku Weeds, five Sakura Blooms, and one Amethyst chunk are required to manufacture these, which are only intended for one use.

The new 2.0 update to Genshin Impact includes several new materials that players must scavenge for, including Anku Weed. The game’s newest locale, Inazuma, is the only place to find the elusive plant, which is required for a quest and is there only.

You can look for these weeds in a variety of places. They do, however, seem to cluster around these three locations: northeast of Tatarasuna, near the Mikage Furnace, a large circle surrounding the Grand Narukami Shrine, and north of the Jakotsu Mine. For 5 Realm Currency, those who want to add extra lovely Naku Weed plants to their Serenitea Pot can buy the weeds from the Realm Depot. It increases the area of land surrounding your home so you can begin farming.

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