How to Get Contenders Skins in Overwatch 2 for November 2022?

Overwatch 2 will be having the Run it Back event in Nov 2022. Find out how to get the Overwatch 2 Contenders Skins here.

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8/11/2022 | Contenders Skins for DVa and Soldier 76 for the Run it Back 2022 Tournament | Credits: Blizzard

If you’ve watched the previous live matches of the Overwatch 2 Contenders then you’ll be rewarded by Blizzard with some cool skins. This is not the first time and if you’re hearing about them for the first time, don’t worry. We’ll walk you through the details, all you have to do is watch.

What Are Contenders Skins?

Contenders Skins are very similar to Twitch rewards. The game will offer you Contenders skins if you watch their live matches for a particular amount of time for Overwatch 2. Although the main difference here is that you can even watch the matches on YouTube or the official Overwatch League website. Each month that Contenders is active, a fresh pair of hero skins will be selected, and they’ll show up in your account 24 hours after winning. Monthly resets of the hours after every event.

So far there have been 2 events for the Overwatch Contenders after the launch of Overwatch 2 with skins as rewards in 2022. The first one was A-Sides and the second, B-Sides. Now, we have the final one of the year with the name Run it Back in 2022. These skins will only be available to redeem until 17th Dec, 2022.

How to Get Contenders Skins in Overwatch 2 for November 2022?

If you’ve watched the previous Contenders matches in Overwatch 2 then you surely would be interested in this one. Or even if you have missed the previous Contenders skins this is a great chance to capitalize on them. Watch live broadcasts of your favourite teams and athletes to receive your rewards. Blizzard will be announcing brand-new Overwatch Contenders hero skins for each event. Players can earn by tuning into YouTube Gaming and the Overwatch Contenders website to watch live matches.

This time we will be getting Soldier 76 and D.Va as the Contenders Skins with the classic green and white skin. You can flex around your flashy D.Va and Soldier once you get them.

Steps to watch the matches:

  • Step-1: Create your Battle.net accounts or Sign-in to them
  • Step-2: Link your YouTube account to your Battle.net account
  • Step-3: Start watching the matches live as they air on YouTube or even the official website.

Schedule For Contenders 2022 (Overwatch):

Run it Back Tournament 2022:

  • Korea – Nov 7 to Dec 3
  • Australia – Nov 17 to Nov 25
  • China – Nov 23 to Dec 4
  • North America and Europe – Nov 28 to Dec 16

So if you’re looking forward to starting the new season of Overwatch 2 with the Contenders skins then this might be the best time for it. On the official site you can find each of the breakdown of contenders schedule according to the continent for Overwatch 2. You can also check further details on the official website of Overwatch League.

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