Valorant Pickup Lines That’ll Make People Love You

valorant pickup lines
20/10/2022 | Valorant pickup lines are here. Go and impress one or everyone. Whatever you like. | Credits: YouTube

Valorant is one of the most famous games in recent times every player can agree that Riot has worked hard on their agents. Moreover, every agent has several quotes they speak of while playing the game. Agents talk to each other when the match starts or in the middle of the game also when a round ends. We have the perfect Valorant pickup lines for you.

All the agents have different lines when they use their ultimate ability. The lines represent the agents and their abilities. So, here are some pickup lines based on agents’ lines that you can use while playing the game.

Valorant Pickup Lines: Funny, Stylish Lines You Can Use

Every agent in Valorant has different lines and they are so much relatable to their character or ability. Like Reyna says Hiding vision when she uses her blind ability. Furthermore, she also says ‘more, more when she kills enemies during her ultimate. Every agent says Triple in a unique way when they kill three enemies in one round like Phoneix says ‘Triple Baby’.

Whenever Sage wins a close round, she quotes ‘I’m not just your healer’. So, before moving to the best pickup lines in Valorant let’s see all the quotes of these agents when they use their ultimate ability.

General Valorant Pickup Lines

  • Are we sure weโ€™re on Haven? Because if youโ€™re here, then Iโ€™m pretty sure this is heaven.
  • Things are going really well between us. Interested in some Escalation?
  • If we go in two different directions, my heart will Fracture.
  • Iโ€™m Split between hugging you and kissing you.
  • I picked Icebox so weโ€™d have a reason to cuddle.
  • Iโ€™d break down the Ascent doors just to see you.

Best Weapons Pickup Lines

  • I may prefer Phantom, but donโ€™t worry, I promise I will not Ghost you.
  • Bark for me, and I just may drop you a Bulldog.
  • I hope you won’t Judge me if I watch you from the corner here.
  • Youโ€™re like Classic: priceless, reliable, and way too powerful when youโ€™re moving with me.
  • You send me into a Frenzy ๐Ÿ˜‰

Quotes To Use In Valorant

So, here we are with some pickup lines based on the above lines you can use in Valorant.

  • Hey Omen, Why do I feel scattered whenever I see you
  • Become my Yoru and I’ll handle you
  • Are You Kayo because whenever you’re around I feel I’m powerless
  • You are surely not a Killjoy because cannot run in front of you
  • Whenever you’re around my heart finds you. But that doesn’t mean I’m a Cypher
  • I’ll be your Raze and will bring the party to your life
  • Please be my Viper and Welcome to your world.

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