Farming Guide: How to Collect Beeswax in Minecraft?

Get the best farming guide for collecting beeswax in Minecraft.

how to collect beeswax in minecraft
29/10/2022 | A guide on how to collect beeswax in Minecraft | Credits: stromfrenzy on YouTube

After the huge reveal of the brand new mobs in Minecraft, we are back to normal gameplay in Minecraft. Honeycombs are an essential component of beehives, candles, and honeycomb blocks, and can be used to wax copper blocks to stop further oxidation. Large beehives are where beeswax, commonly referred to as honeycomb in the game Minecraft, is collected.

What is Beeswax?

In Minecraft, honeycombs, which are formed of beeswax and can be used as crafting resources, can be found in bee nests and beehives. But you have to find particular biomes where you can find them. Minecraft introduced the concept of Beeswax with the introduction of bees in the game.

How to Craft or Pick up a Bee Hive in Minecraft?

First you need to find where the Bee Hive/Bee Nest is. Below are the places where you can find the Bee Hives in Minecraft. Create your own Minecraft beehive with honeycomb and wood planks. Place three wood planks of any colour in the top three and bottom three slots of the crafting grid, and then three honeycombs that you collected from bee nests in the middle row.

Beehives and bee nests can be destroyed with any tool or even the player’s fist, however an axe will do it more quickly. A bee nest will not drop anything and any bees inside will sting the player if it is broken with a tool that is not Silk Touch enchanted.

How to Collect Beeswax in Minecraft?

how to collect honeycomb in minecraft
29/10/2022 | How to collect honeycomb in Minecraft | Credits: RajCraft on YoutTube

When you shear a honey level 5 bee nest or beehive, it scatters 3 honeycombs and enrages any bees inside, prompting an attack. You can keep bees from turning aggressive by setting a bonfire or a fire directly underneath the nest or colony.

To shear the nest without upsetting the bees, use a dispenser with shears inside. The honeycomb emerges from the dumped object. Shears can be made out of two Iron Ingots, which are obtained by smelting Iron Ore. Put one Iron Ingot in the middle slot and the other in the bottom-left slot of your Crafting Table.

What Are The Other Uses of Honeycombs/Beeswax?

Although, you may easily create a “waxed” version of any copper block variety by mixing it with honeycomb (beeswax). Further, this will halt the oxidation process and guarantee that your block will always maintain the same colour. It is yet uncertain if this procedure is reversible. It’s possible that once copper is waxed, it cannot be unwaxed.

  1. Planks + Beeswax = Beehive
  2. String + Honeycomb = Candle
  3. 4 Honeycombs = Honeycomb Block

Apart from these you can also craft waxed blocks of exposed, oxidized, weathered, cut, exposed cut, weathered cut or even oxidized cut copper blocks.

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