How to Destroy Jack-O-Lanterns with a Ranged Weapon in Fortnite

26/10/2022 | Fortnite Jack-O-Lanterns can be hard to find and destroy. But they come with high rewards. | Credits: Reddit

Every Fortnitemare, Epic Games introduces Halloween belongings to the game. Some of the latest additions, like the Willow boss NPC and Zombie Chicken, terrify gamers, and for excellent reason. However, different belongings are greater welcoming despite being spooky, with one of these being Jack-O-Lanterns.

These can be discovered all over the island and as the identification suggests. They are carved from sparkling pumpkins like in real-life. The builders in their limitless knowledge have determined to reward gamers with 15,000 XP for destroying 5 of these. Since they are harmless. This must be a handy undertaking for most players.

1) Land at a Quiet POI

Although Jack-O-Lanterns can be located all over the island. Given that sure POIs are hot-drop locations. It may also now not be a pleasant concept to land in these areas. To whole this mission as safely as possible. Gamers need to choose POIs that seldom witness the conflict in the course of the early game.

Excellent instances of such places are Synapse Station, Fort Jonesy, and Shiny Sound. That said, gamers will in all likelihood run into one or two enemies nonetheless and they must be dealt with quickly.

2) Find Weapons and Gear Up

Once on the ground, the subsequent issue to do is seem for weapons, ammo, and different supplies. Gearing up as quickly as viable is vital. If accomplished too slowly, different opponents inside the POI might also break the Jack-O-Lanterns first.

While discovering any weapon and a few rounds well worth of ammo must suffice, recuperation objects need to be stockpiled as well. There’s no telling when a jumpscare or wild animal will attack, so it is great to be geared up for anything.

3) Look for Jack-O-Lanterns to Destroy

Once weapons and different elements have been located, gamers will subsequently have to seem to be for Jack-O-Lanterns to destroy. They are orange in color and instead tough to leave out as they stand out from the game’s environment. With that said, discovering 5 of them will no longer be a tough task.

Based on how many there are on the island, finishing the undertaking inside the confines of one vicinity will be pretty easy. Keep in thinking that they spawn in and around houses. Once gamers have positioned one, they have to use a ranged weapon to break it. Hitting it with a harvesting device will now not depend closer to this precise challenge’s progression.

Which is the Best Location to Find and Destroy Jack-O-Lanterns?

While Jack-O-Lanterns can be determined all over the island, based totally on non-public experience, Fort Jonesy is by way of ways the fine location. Since it is positioned on part of the island, this POI has very few gunfights at some point in the early game.

Even if there is combat, thanks to the uneven terrain and open space, rotating out of the place must be convenient enough. Players do now not have to get bogged down through gunfire. That said, it is beneficial to maintain an eye out for wildlife. Wolves are abundant in the place and will assault on sight.

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