Phantom or Vandal: Which Gun is Better for You to Use

Phantom or Vandal
21/10/2022 | Phantom or Vandal is the argument between players since the launch of the game. | Credits: Reddit

Wondering which is higher in Valorant when it comes to Phantom vs Vandal? Here we’ve developed a quiz that needs to with any luck assist you to decide which rifle is best. Consistent updates have considered Valorant’s meta shift and exchange over the years seeing that its launch. However, there’s one component of recreation that has stayed constant. The eternal debate over which of its rifles is best. Are you a Phantom participant or do you pick the Vandal? The fight to determine the reply by no means looks to end.

Well, now there is! Enter Twinfinite’s foolproof, super-accurate 10-question quiz, which has a fantastically brilliant success price. In finding out whether or not the Phantom or the Vandal is the exceptional alternative for the three humans we examined it on…

Phantom or Vandal

I’m kidding. It’s honestly no longer foolproof. And my straightforward take as an Immortal 2+ Valorant player with heaps of hours enjoying Competitive. Scrims, tournaments, and an unhealthy obsession with Valorant esports is that from time to time no rely on what your position or traditional choice between the two rifles is. From time to time one simply feels higher than the other. There’s no explaining it. And in an FPS game, you need to constantly go with what makes sense even though you have a higher danger of popping off.

Still, that doesn’t imply there aren’t a few suitable policies to go through in assisting you to make a selection as to which weapon is your go-to between the two. These Phantom vs Vandal questions are designed to slim down your choice and provide some direction, and simply to have some excitement too… due to the fact exciting is constantly good. Enjoy!

That does it for Twinfinite’s Phantom vs Vandal quiz to decide which Valorant rifle is satisfactory for you. If you loved this content material and desire to examine extra comparable quizzes then we additionally have an amazing Valorant persona quiz to assist you to pick your nice Agent. Also, a quiz about Valorant map callouts and whether or not you can title them.

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