Light Fest Event rewards, prices and more

Free fire max
Players can collect many rewards during the Free Fire Max light festival event(Image Via Moroesports).

Light Fest event is going to be held in Free Fire Max.Β The Light Fest events are expected to run until October 28, and many more awards will be announced in the coming days. Free Fire Max planned to reveal many items like skins, costumes etc. Players have a chance to get the famous Arctic Blue Package after a spin.

The Arctic Blue Package, like the other valuable prizes of the event, is part of the package’s prize collection and can be claimed by spinning. The cost is vary to each games.

For one spin price is 199 diamonds and for five spin price is 899 diamonds. Five spins guarantee at least one prize prize from the package’s prize collection.

Light Fest Event

The Arctic Blue Package is not guaranteed and you will have to keep spinning to get a permanent package and light token gift. , players who fail to catch the Arctic Blue Package in 50 moves will receive 50 Gift of Light Tokens to redeem their favorite clothes from the Exchange Store of the latest Free Fire MAX event.

Although the Arctic Blue Pack is hard to get, you can easily get a legendary weapon randomly. The weapon skin prize pool by paying 899 diamonds for a pack of five. If you decide to buy five spins individually, it will cost you 995 diamonds.

Now that the rules of both rewards are clear. you can follow the step-by-step guide in the next section to get the rewards. you can collect from the Gift of Light event in Free Fire MAX.


Step 1: Open Garena Free Fire MAX and login as you want.

Step 2: Tap the calendar icon to go to the events section. Select that option.

Step 3: And Stay on the “Feast of Light” tab. And select the “Gift of Light” event. Then you will be redirected to the event page.

Step 4: Use the ‘1x Spin’ or ‘5x Spin’ buttons on the event page to pay diamonds. And get random prizes from your chosen prize pool.

If you do not receive the Arctic Blue Package after 50 spins, you can claim your favorite prize through the Exchange Store using the 50 Gift of Light token.

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