Purple Top criminal bundle in Free Fire Max: All details

criminal bundle
All information about Purple top red criminal bundle(Image Via Moroesports).

Free Fire Max planning to release new things for the Diwali event. This happens every year but this year Garena planning to celebrate as special to attract the players. Rumors leaked that Garena has planning to release a purple top criminal bundle in free fire max.

The purple-colored variant of the famous costume bundle is a phase of the Light Fest collection of activities and is related to Criminal Royale, a brief Luck Royale-based imparting that points to numerous different rewards.

The tournament will be energetic in the recreation until October 25, 2022, thus, offering game enthusiasts the probability to collect the Purple Top Criminal Bundle alongside countless different rewards by way of that date.

Event date

The event is going to start in the month of October. It will be run around till October 25, 2022. So, players can get many of the items while playing the game. Garena not only planning to reveal the top criminal bundle and also along with that they are planning to provide more options such as magic cubes, cosmetics, skins, bundles, fragments, bullets and etc.

To obtain their needs players have to use 40 diamonds. Suppose the player wants to take five items means they should have to spend 180. Players can use several spins to obtain a particular item that they should like.

Steps to use criminal bundle

How to use purple top criminal bundle in Free Fire Max methods were given below;

  • First, open the Garena Free Fire MAX game on the search box
  • You can see one calendar icon which shows the criminal bundle option
  • By clicking that icon you can direct entered to lucky royale area where you can see the prize options.

Gamers, particularly the f2p ones, should be mindful that it can fee them heaps or even lots of diamonds to get the Purple Top Criminal Bundle. Thus, one needs to keep away from Criminal Royale if they do now not favor spending diamonds or actual cash in excess.

After a prolonged wait, gamers on the Free Fire MAX India server can now get their fingers on the Purple Top Criminal Bundle, with Garena relaunching the much-awaited uncommon beauty as the phase of the Light Fest celebrations.

The outfit is reachable in Criminal Royale, the place people can spend diamonds to add them to their collection.


The whole Top Criminal bundle enjoys an unparalleled reputation inside Free Fire MAX as they had been launched as a section of the early Incubators. As a result, now not many customers had been in a position to reap this collection.

Making this an uncommon commodity in the game. With its relaunch in October 2022, gamers have till 25 October 2022 to buy the Purple Criminal Bundle.

Players have to wait for a few more days to collect all the rewards. Those who play really well will get a good opportunity to collect many rewards.

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