Were Bastion And Torbjorn Removed From Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 recently removed 2 heroes from the game. Bastion and Torbjorn are now disabled in game. But why? Find the reason here.

bastion removed overwatch 2
11/10/2022 | Bastion removed from Overwatch 2 recently | Credits: Blizzard Entertainment

After the vast amount of bugs in Overwatch 2, there are still more. This has left so many players wondering why two of the most used heroes were removed from the game. So, has it actually happened? Has Overwatch 2 removed Bastion and Torbjorn from the game? If so, when will we see them again… or not?

Which Characters Are We Talking About?

Here we are talking about 2 characters who are Torbjorn and Bastion. Recently, there were a lot of reports from players all over the game regarding the glitches of both characters. More regarding Bastion than Torbjorn.

After the collaboration with McDonald’s players were happy that they were getting better skins at least. Apparently, Overwatch was facing huge errors while Bastion was being played. It probably has something to do with his ability that can shoot opponents anywhere.

torbjorn removed from overwatch 2
11/10/2022 | Torbjorn also disabled with Bastion from competitive gameplay | Credits: Blizzard Entertainment

Even without the special ability Bastion was still making the game more glitchy. The same goes for Torbjorn. But for some reason, Torbjorn was only removed from Competitive gameplay. The glitches were as follows:

  • Bastion is able to fire his artillery continuously without stopping. This made the players on the team with Bastion camp the players literally at their spawn.
  • With Torbjorn, you are able to gain extra armor and extend his overload ability to almost double that of normal.

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So Are Bastion And Torbjorn Really Removed From Overwatch 2?

bastion overwatch 2 glitch
11/10/2022 | Bastion using his ultimate ‘Artillery’ ability | Credits: Blizzard Entertainment

Frankly speaking yes, Bastion is disabled permanently from all game modes. As for Torbjorn, you can’t play him in competitive game mode. Blizzard was facing a DDoS attack and informed about it on their official Twitter account. After that Overwatch 2 rolled out the update. regarding the glitch of Bastion and Torbjorn.

Currently, Overwatch 2 is finding how to solve the bug for Bastion and Torbjorn. You might think that this is the end of the major glitches in the game. But wait, other players are still reporting issues. And for what reason?

Overwatch 2 Players Glitch:

If you’re wondering ‘all of that’s fine but why are my other players locked?’ you’re not alone. Trust us on this one. Many players have reported that after Overwatch 2 disabled the two heroes players started facing errors like having other heroes locked as well. This is another one of Overwatch’s bugs and soon Blizzard will fix them.

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