Valorant Agent 21 Varun Batra Teaser Breakdown, Leaks, and More

Valorant Agent 21
10/10/2022 | Valorant is creating the hype for Agent 21 by releasing short teasers. With the few leaks and official confirmations. We already know it is going to be an Indian Agent codenamed Varun Batra. | Credits: Twitter

With a number of teasers and a couple of cryptic tweets. Riot has established that an Indian agent is coming quickly in Valorant. Now, a new teaser, this time a Cinematic one has been launched on YouTube alongside every other brief video on Twitter. Both disclose that the introduction of the new agent is nearly nearing.

Riot by its Valorant Twitter and YouTube account has shared movies of its subsequent agent, Agent 21. It has been cryptically validated that Varun Batra. The subsequent Valorant agent will come in the next season.

Breaking Down the Teaser

The brief teaser shared on Twitter suggests the chase of Varun Batra. Whilst locals are having food at a Dhaba in the country. On the different hand, YouTube’s teaser suggests that Astra and Skye are speaking to locate the new agent, Varun Batra. Meanwhile, he is out there sitting with a cup of tea and snacks.

We additionally get to see a voiceover in Hindi, however word that the voice in itself has nothing to do with the character, as published through Valorant at the beginning of the trailer. Unfortunately, simply like different teaser trailers, we nevertheless don’t get legitimate visibility of the agent nor do we get to see what skills he has. The stop of the cinematic trailer once more reiterates the “Jald Hi Milte Hain” tagline.

Agent 21 will be a part of the different batch of sellers and is anticipated to come in Episode 5 Act III. Rumors have it that the new agent should have similarities with Astra a.k.a Efia Danso, as her arm add-ons have been used to tune his area in a preceding teaser video.

Leaks suggest that the name of the Indian Agent will be Harbor. He was code-named Varun Batra and will be released as Harbor, a water-based Radiant.

In the past, some sport makers like EA has tried including Indian characters in games. Such as Ramya Parekh in Apex Legends and Navin Rao in Battlefield 2042. With Riot’s addition of Varun Batra in the game, the recreation is predicted to attain heights in phrases of popularity, at least in India.

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