How to get free emote, bundle in Free Fire Max?

Free Fire emotes
All details about how to get free emotes, rewards, bundles in Free Fire game(Image via Moroesports).

Nowadays Free Fire Max is very popular among many players. To increase the value of this game many of the events were conducted in between the game. Free Fire and Free Fire Max both allow gamers to get more rewards while playing the game. This reward boosts the players to play more.

To promote the value of the game, Garena introduces any one of the new events every month. It is always published in every festival season. This time Garena plans to promote many rewards during the Diwali festival. The players can claim any of the rewards such as emote, guns, and bundles during the Diwali festival.

The promotion of rewards may start in October. The expected date will be October 7-28, 2022. Players can see many of the exciting announcements during these any of the dates. This event can be called “Gather the Light“.

Free Fire Max Login Back Event

One of the events called Login Back Event will be live with Gather the Light. There will be many features added to the event. Players can redeem the prize as well as save codes by using this event.

The login-based tournament presents a backpack pores and skin as its most important prize, alongside several different add-ons that are given as follows with their required tasks:

If you Log in for one day, you will be getting Resupply the map. If you Log in for two days means you will receive 300 Universal Fragments. While logging in for three days, you will get the Deadly Bat Weapon Loot Crate. And Log in for 4 days and receive Bounty Token.

When Logging in for 5 days, you will get Golden Eagle Backpack. Finally, Log in for six days players will get a One Weapon Royale voucher. Apart from that while Logging in for seven days players will receive a One Diamond Royale voucher.

Redeemable choices

Garena hasn’t printed the bundles, however, the Exchange Store two will function with 4 choices with solely one redeemable. However, to redeem both of the sizable rewards or any different item, one will have to accumulate Light tokens by using the following Free Fire MAX tasks :

While if you Log in at one time, you will receive One token. When you Play for 20 minutes in BR, will receive Three tokens. If you play two BR suits,  will get Three tokens. If you play one CS fit with pals will get Three tokens Kill enemies with headshots. One can additionally whole group missions with pals to accumulate greater tokens in the game.

In this event, you can also get pets while playing like Finn, Detective Panda, Otero, Agent Hop, etc. Many of the new emotes are also available to get during the festivals while playing the game.

Despite the two ongoing Free Fire MAX Light Fest, anyone will be capable to acquire the Roaring Knight bundle, Magic Cubes, and Cube Fragments through the activities rolling out in the upcoming days.

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