How to get the Headless Horseman Bundle in Roblox in 2022

headless horsemen
05/10/2022 | The Headless Horseman bundle came on sale on October 3, 2022. | Credits: Roblox

One of the most distinguished avatar elaborations in the Roblox market is the Headless Horseman bundle. The set is pretty highly-priced and can value gamers a huge quantity of Robux to obtain. Every year, all through the month of October, gamers can discover the bundle on sale. Users’ avatars will have a gothic horror appearance if they equip the gadgets from the Headless Horseman bundle.

Which is primarily based on the famend folklore persona from European legend. Players will study extra about the Headless Horseman bundle and different pertinent statistics in this article.

History of the Headless Horseman Bundle

The Headless Horseman bundle attracts its proposal from the headless villain of Johnny Depp’s iconic Sleepy Hollow. The description outlined above is a quote referred to in the severely acclaimed movie. As of October 4, the bundle has appreciated over 700K instances in the store.

The set used to be launched all through the Halloween match of 2013 in the Roblox keep and obtained high-quality evaluations from the community, turning into an on-the-spot hit in the market.

How to get the Headless Horseman Bundle in Roblox?

Roblox has made it a way of life to provide new skins and promote the Headless Horseman Bundle all through the month of Halloween. Players have to go to the Roblox store, search for the bundle, and buy it from the internet site after adding Robux or money.

Fortunately, the bundle is again on sale, and customers can buy it for 31,000 Robux, or $386.73. The Headless Horseman outfit will be available to game enthusiasts earlier than Halloween this year. Players had the chance to collect the bundle at a 20% cut price (24,800 Robux) on Memorial Day in 2015 and 2016.

The provider should give up earlier than or at some point in the first week of November. The bundle will solely be accessible in October and, on rare occasions, in early November. Hence, shopping for the bundle this month would be a clever choice.

Items in the Headless Horseman Bundle

Players can locate the following add-ons in the bundle:

  • HeadlessHorseman’s Gear (Jack-o’-Lantern pumpkin)
  • HeadlessHorseman Costume (Black colored lengthy coat)
  • HeadlessHorseman Left Arm
  • HeadlessHorseman Right Arm
  • HeadlessHorseman Left Leg
  • HeadlessHorseman Right Leg
  • HeadlessHorseman Torso
  • HeadlessHorseman Head (Empty head)

Due to its 0,0,0 scale, the headpiece is the smallest wearable object on Roblox.

Players can additionally reap the Headless Horseman bundle thru trading, however, must be cautious and keep away from being scammed as the set is extraordinarily famous and pricey, with solely a handful of merchants promoting the set.

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