BGMI 2.2 Release Details: Everything you have to know

BGMI 2.2 update
There is no official announcement from krafton regarding BGMI 2.2 release(Image Via Moroesports).

It’s been more than two months since the Indian government banned Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), and there still hasn’t been any word on when it’ll return. Krafton Inc., the game’s developer, has been mum about the situation, leaving players in the dark.

Players are wondering if Krafton will bring the 2.2 version of the game to BGMI with the global version’s release. This is a huge letdown for the gaming industry in India, as BGMI was one of the most anticipated games of 2018. It’s a shame that Krafton hasn’t given any updates on the game’s status, and it appears unlikely that BGMI will be making a comeback anytime soon.

There is a lack of clarity surrounding when players in India will be able to update their game to the 2.2 version, due to the recent BGMI ban.

BGMI Rumors

Fans of popular YouTubers like Lucky Man and Classified YT were devastated when they learned that the game would be changing. They also said that since the update was not released, players would have to play all existing game modes.

It’s disappointing for BGMI players who were waiting eagerly for the new patch. But we should remember that the game is still in beta, and these types of problems are bound to happen.

Let’s hope that the developers can solve this problem fast so everyone can enjoy the new features. Be careful if you’re searching for the Battlegrounds Mobile India 2.2 update. Because, many content creators and websites have been giving out fake links to download the non-existent update.

As a result, users should be cautious about downloading the game’s APK from third-party websites. Because doing so may put their device in danger.

Twitter Opinions

A Twitter user by the name of @godyamarajop submitted an RTI recently to find out more information about the suspension of BGMI. The response from MeitY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology) clarified their stance on the ban of the game.

This is a major development because it sheds light on why the game was taken off the market in the first place. It also raises concerns about how transparent the process has been, as the minutes of the meeting have not been released.

Release date

The ban on BGMI was lifted after a few days, but the game is still not available in India. Krafton has yet to officially comment on the matter.

The wait for the next 2.2 updates is at its peak among players who have already combed through leaks and upcoming features of the next update.  Players are expecting an in-game update to push the BGMI 2.2 Update live soon.

BGMI announcement

Although no official announcement has been made, the update is most likely to drop by late May. Battlegrounds Mobile India is a battle royale game which was previously called Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). The game was banned in India but after some modifications, the developers are planning on re-launching it soon.

It will be exclusive to Indian users and will include unique in-game events such as costumes and features. The game will also have its own esports ecosystem in India, according to the developers.

The release of Battlegrounds Mobile in India is eagerly anticipated by gamers. The game was supposed to be made available in June, but it was delayed for unknown reasons. There’s been no word on a new date for release, but the game is expected to be launched soon.

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