How to top up Free Fire diamonds for MAX version?

How to top up Free Fire diamonds for MAX version?
Top up free diamonds easily for your Free Fire Max game(Image Via Moroesports).

Although buying diamonds with real money is the most frequent way to get them, it’s not the only option. One useful suggestion is joining Free Fire membership, which has plenty of advantages for users like diamond bonuses.

The club system is a great way for interested individuals to get diamonds while also taking advantage of other benefits. When selecting a membership system, players have two Diamond Club options: Elite and Elite Plus. Both provide excellent value for money; however, the main distinction is how many diamonds are given monthly.

The Elite members receive 600 diamonds per month, while the Elite Plus subscribe and get 1200 monthly. In addition to these bonuses, members also emotes that are exclusive and costumes.

Free Fire Max Referral Program

The Free Fire MAX Referral Program is an excellent option for players looking to earn diamonds at no cost. By referring their friends to the game, players can take advantage of this great program and start earning rewards today.

When your pal has installed the game and signed up, you’ll be given a refer code that may be used to receive your reward. The number of diamonds you get will vary by region, but it’s always a wonderful method to make some extra money.

You can also get free diamonds by taking part in special offers and events that the game hosts frequently. By monitoring the game’s social media channels, you can ensure that you never miss a chance to grab some free diamonds.


Below are the benefits that come with a Free Fire MAX membership, which gives players diamonds at a discounted price. The weekly membership costs β‚Ή159 and the monthly cost is β‚Ή799

  • Get more value for your money with discounts on in-game purchase items
  • Weekly membership
  • Monthly membership

The monthly club gives you a 20% discount on all diamonds you buy in the game. Players that pay for the weekly membership will receive a 5% amount reduction on all diamonds purchased during the week.

They can use these discounts to buy items like in-game characters, weapon skins and so on. Those who subscribe will get access to more events and rewards, in addition to the discount. So, if you want to get the most out of your Free Fire experience, a membership is highly recommended.

As a weekly member, you’ll receive 450 diamonds (100 instantly and 350 to collect over time), a special icon, access to the discount store, and 8x Universal EP Badges. You’ll also have a Second Chance if you miss any check-in days.

While taking monthly membership you will get number of diamonds: 2600 diamonds (500 are provided instantly and 2100 must be collected).

VIP Members Benefits

Super VIP members not only receive all the benefits of a weekly and monthly membership, but also much, much more. Evo gun token boxes, 15 diamonds daily, and access to exclusive offers and discounts are just some of the perks you’ll enjoy as a Super VIP member. So don’t wait – sign up for your Super VIP membership today!

Players can obtain free diamonds in Free Fire Max by participating in special airdrops that occur after matches. These airdrops provide a variety of goods and diamonds for a cheap price, but they are only available for 24 hours. Players can use these diamonds to purchase premium items from the game shop or trade them for other rewards.

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