Vincenzo’s Free Fire Max ID, Rank, Stats and more

Vincenzo's Free Fire Max ID, Rank, Stats and more
All the information you need on Vincenzo’s Free Fire Max ID, rank, stats and more(Image Via Moroesports).

Vincenzo is more famous game player who hails from the Middle East. He has become quite popular for his entertaining content and gameplay videos.

In a very short time, Vincenzo has gone from being a novice to the best player in Free Fire. He has achieved several milestones and was featured in several YouTube videos within a short time-frame. Vincenzo is among the world’s most famous gamers, and his material is adored by his followers.

Vincenzo is a popular Free Fire content producer as well as a seasoned player. He has accomplished several milestones in the game and is considered one of the world’s best players. Vincenzo has won numerous competitions and been a member of many renowned squads. OP Vincenzo is his clan membership at the moment.

YouTube Channel

Vincenzo, also known as “Enzo,” is a popular Italian YouTuber and content creator. He’s famous for his incredible skills in Free Fire, as well as his entertaining gameplay highlights and montages.

Vincenzo’s YouTube channel has amassed over 6.92 million subscribers and 480 million views while his Instagram following clocks in at 706 thousand individuals. Vincenzo is adored by Free Fire fans for his outstanding performance in the film and hilarious commentary.

Free Fire ID of Vincenzo is 437144862. The YouTuber’s present ranking in the Battle Royale mode is Diamond II, and his Clash Squad mode rank is Diamond IV. His stats are listed below:

Vincenzo Lifetime Stats

Vincenzo has played 4261 BR matches and emerged victorious 1335 of them, with a win rate of 31.23 percent. In these games, he has killed 10384 opponents and boasts a K/D ratio of 2.44.

In the words of popular YouTuber Chris “Desus Nice” Mosely, FaZe Banks is a “one-man wrecking crew.” The professional CS player has played 1232 games in the game mode and won 246 of them, for a win percentage of 19.98 percent. He has slain 2338 opponents with a K/D ratio of 1.91 during the process.

The content creator has played 1787 duo games and won 316 of them, leading to a win rate of 17.68%.Β The player has played 633 solo matches and won 92 of them, leading to a win rate of 14.52%. He has 1937 kills at a K/D ratio of 3.09.

At the same time, there is no doubt that this is one of the most popular gamers in CS:GO history. He has won a total of $1,068,543. Meanwhile, he also started a non-profit organization called Splyce Mental Health Alliance.

Ranked Stats

In the ongoing ranked season, Vincenzo has played 40 games in the BR mode. He has won 11 of them so far, translating to a win ratio of 27.50%. In these matches, he has136 kills in total and maintains a K/D ratio of 4.01.

In the CS mode, he has played in 5 games with 3 wins- coming down to a 60% win rate. With 23 kills and 10 deaths, his K/D ratio is 4.60.

(Note: The stats in this article are accurate as of the date of writing. However, they may change over time as the YouTuber concerned continues to play more games in Garena Free Fire).

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