How Did Valorant Became So Popular in Short Duration?

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Date: 22-09-2022 | Caption: Valorant Image | Source: playvalorant.com

Valorant is among the top renowned games across the world. It was first revealed by the name Project A in October. The game was introduced as an open beta with restricted availability on April 7 in 2020. It was then an official launch on June 2, 2020. So, the crucial question that is at the heart of all it concerns “How can Valorant become so well-known and significant within such a short amount of time”?

In this blog, we’ll review how the Valorant came to an actual reality from an idea sketched on paper and how it could draw the Genz to its core.

History of Valorant 

Valorant was created using two primary goals in mind: making Esports and tactical shooters more accessible to novice players as well as establishing the game to attract an extensive competitive scene while addressing many of the arguments and criticism made by professional gamers from games of the genre. Valorant is a free-to-play first-person shooter that was developed through Riot Games, for Microsoft Windows. The game’s development began in 2014, but it was launched in the year 2020. Valorant draws its inspiration from games like the Counter-Strike line of shooting games that are tactical and borrows many of the mechanics like the purchase menu and spray pattern and inaccuracy when moving.


Valorant is a first-person and team-based hero shooter game. The players play as Agents that are from a variety of nations and cultures across the globe. In the primary gameplay, the players are placed on an attacking team or defensive team, with each having five players. Agents possess unique capabilities, each requiring charges, besides an exclusive last ability that requires charging via kills, death orbs, or even goals. Each player begins each round with a “classic” pistol along with at least one of the “signature abilities” charges.

The Popularity of Valorant in the World- Why it Became so Famous?

The year 2021 was the time that Valorant hosted its very first worldwide tournament and it was the main reason for its popularity as the winning team was getting hefty prize money. It was a great opportunity for gamers to earn money by following their passion, and that made it super popular. This shows how valorant is a tremendous influence since being compared with the game that’s been available for many years and is certainly a vast difference.

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