Withdrawal of a Gaming Charity Event Due to Safety Issues

gaming charity event
Date: 22-09-2022 | Caption: Gaming Charity Event Image | Source: eneba.com

A video game-based charity fundraiser announced on Thursday that it would not host a future event in Florida because of the state law restricting the amount of school instruction concerning sexual orientation and gender identity. It also mentions a “disregard” of Covid security within the state.

In a post on their website, Games Done Quick, also called “GDQ,” said Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law, commonly pointed out to as “Don’t Say, Gay,” can be seen as part of “increased violence” targeted towards LGBTQ individuals in the United States by state officials. GDQ did not mention the city of Florida or the location which was initially scheduled location for the gaming charity event.

Top Discussions in the GDQ

“While we’d like to attend in person but we’ve decided that to ensure a safe and welcoming experience for everyone, it’s best to leave our planned venue in Florida,” the statement says. GDQ said state laws that don’t oblige the event’s attendees or employees to get vaccine-free against Covid with anti-LGBTQ stances led organizers to declare that they “do not believe that it’s safe for our community at the moment.” GDQ has frequently featured LGBTQ gamers in previous events.

NBC News has reached out to GDQ for more details regarding the decision to leave Florida. When taking part in GDQ events, certain players “speed run” video games. This means that a participant completes the game as quickly as they can. Sometimes, players use the pre-planned route or glitches to complete levels and sections quicker than the game’s creators probably intended. GDQ live stream throughout the day and evening and without interruptions throughout its duration.

The organization hosts two major events every year: Awesome Games Done Quick, which takes place in winter and is a benefit for The Prevent Cancer Foundation, and Summer Games Done Quick, which is a benefit for Doctors Without Borders. GDQ also hosts an All-Women’s day event, known as Frame Fatales, which benefits the Malala Fund.

Since its debut in 2010, GDQ has raised more than $34 million for various charitable causes. Governor approved Florida’s Parental rights in education law. Ron DeSantis in March. The law prohibits “classroom discussion on gender identity or sexual orientation” in public schools, from kindergarten through third grade.

What People Have to Say About it?

The people who voted for the law’s approval claimed that it wouldn’t stop students from discussing their LGBTQ family members or prohibit discussion in the classroom considering the LGBTQ past. Still, it would refuse any “instruction” on gender identity or sexual orientation. Some critics of the law claim it emphasizes LGBTQ students in the state and “pretending to solve the issue that isn’t there.”

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