Gaming Companies to Hire More Female Game Developers

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Date: 22-09-2022 | Caption: Female Game Developers Image | Source: gedpro.com

Gaming firms such as Zynga, SuperGaming, Gamestacy, now.gg, and GameStop is working to hire more female game developers to ensure that their workforce represents their customer base. The percentage of female players has increased since the beginning of this pandemic.

They are now hiring women to join teams that work in game design, quality control games development, quality assurance, and product management. β€œMore than half of players taking part in our casual and mobile games are females, and that should be reflected.

Top Reason for Hiring the Female Game Developers

It is a US company with around 600 workers in India that is focused on a dual-track approach to informing students about gaming as a profession by bringing them together with game developers and game designers within Zynga for mentoring as well as interacting with tech women through Hackathons, gaming communities, and other hackathons.

At the Pune-based SuperGaming, the company home around 15% of the staff are females, a figure which the company is hoping to increase by referring customers.

There is also a hiring drive for women working in teams such as designing games and quality control according to Vandana Sharma, vice president of people at SuperGaming, the creator of MaskGun and Silly Royale games. Soon, SuperGaming is looking at launching an initiative that will see its chief executive Roby John mentor female representatives to lead roles, she said.

β€œDesigning games was never that women were involved in before therefore there was a lot of killing and shooting in earlier video games,” Danish Sinha, the founder of Gamestacy said to ET. β€œNow we’re looking for more girls to take on the leadership of our design, ideas, and narrative teams in developing games that are more inclusive.”

The startup has joined forces with design schools to collaborate with and recruit illustrators and female artists. It is estimated that the $2.2-billion game industry in India is predicted to expand by around 30% at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) to be $7 billion, over three times over five years as per RedSeer information.


now.gg The gaming platform, which allows groups to enjoy games across any operating system or device, recruited female game developers who took off from their careers because of family obligations and helped for an alternative career path. It also has facilitated regular meetings to take care of the health of female laborers and professional concerns.

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