OpTic Gaming is out of the VALORANT Franchised League

OpTic Gaming Is Out Of The VALORANT Franchised League
Out of the VALORANT Franchised League, OpTic Gaming Is Exited(Image Via Moroesports).

OpTic Gaming has decided to withdraw from the VALORANT franchise league. This was a surprise to many people, as OpTic was one of the first teams accepted into the league.

The recent changes to the VALORANT competitive scene, with the addition of Ignition Series events and the BYOC qualifier for First Light, may be why OpTic has decided to leave the league. It seems they have figured that this is not their time in regards to VALORANT pledge at present.

Since the game’s release, OpTic has consistently ranked as one of the top teams in VALORANT. Additionally, they had a strong showing during the regional Challengers leagues where they placed second two times in a row.

OpTic Gaming Is Out Of The VALORANT Franchised League

It’s official: TSM will not be joining the franchised league with OpTic. Hitt tweeted this. As a result, the transfer of the current OpTic squad to TSM is now off the table. It’s unclear what will happen to the present members of OpTic now that they’ve been excluded from the franchised league. The team has expressed a desire to remain together, but it remains to be seen if they’ll be able to do so.

It’s been a few days since the news about OpTic Gaming and TSM not being one of the VALORANT teams broke. Although neither organization has made an official comment, it’s clear that they’re both disappointed.

Team SoloMid wants to join the Valorant scene next year, similar to their success in League of Legends. The organization is considering partnering with OpTic Gaming, who are some of the most dominant teams in competitive Valorant.

TSM Report

If TSM manages to sign this player, it would be a huge win and put them ahead of the competition in Valorant. However, nothing is confirmed and it’s unclear if the partnership will happen.

This is a reoccurring theme for TSM, as they have been trying to get big into every FPS title since Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. There are still a few spaces open for the Americas region, and it’s conceivable that one or both of them will be taken.

TSM announced via Twitter they are no longer a part of the VALORANT scene due to “several factors.” “We are thankful to the fans for their support of us during our time in VALORANT. It has been an honor to see our team compete at such a high level and we are proud of all they have achieved.

The second season of TSM’s time in VALORANT was characterized by ups and downs. The team began well, winning the Ignition Series event in 2020. However, they were unable to qualify for the VALORANT Champions event in 2021, and their performance fell throughout the year.


The departure of VALORANT comes as a shock, given the group’s popularity. However, they mentioned “several factors” as reasons for their decision

OpTic Gaming is not only one of the best teams in the world, but they were runners-up at VALORANT Champions. They have also been very successful in other tournaments, such as taking first place in First Strike.

“We’d like to congratulate TSM for their commitment to the VALORANT scene,” OpTic Gaming announced. “It’s been a pleasure to watch our team compete at the highest level, and we’re looking forward to what the future holds for them.”

The three teams involved were Team Liquid, Cloud9 and Luminosity Gaming β€”the latter two are no longer activeβ€”and while there hasn’t been any statement or official word from either organization as yet, Cloud9 has announced that they will not compete under its banner in 2018.

Many of the athletes’ supporters were disappointed by the report many of the players’ followers expressed their displeasure on social media. With how talented the OpTic players are said that they wouldn’t be shocked if they joined up with another team. Meanwhile, streamer Ryan “Shanks” Ngo posed the question for everyone to consider.

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