Minecraft Strider: Increase, Ride, Characteristics, and More!

Minecraft Strider: Increase, Ride, Characteristics, and More!
Monday, 12 September 2022 | Minecraft Character Riding a Horse and other mobs in the background | About Minecraft Strider | Credit: Mojang

This article is about the mob “Strider” that appears in Minecraft. It explains the characteristics of striders, how to ride them, and how to increase them. Striders are neutral mobs found in the Nether. Found primarily in lava lakes in the Nether. The main feature is that the player can ride it.

Striders can walk on lava, so they can use it as a means for players to cross lava lakes. that drops 0-5 strings when you defeat a strider! So, if you want to know more about Strider then keep reading this blog post till the end.

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What are the Features of a Minecraft Strider?

#1. Walk on Lava: Striders appear in lava lakes in the Nether. For that reason, the strider walks smoothly on the lava. By the way, striders move faster on lava than on blocks.

#2. It Can ride with a Saddle: Using a “saddle” you ride striders. Although it cannot use as it is, it is possible to drive it to some extent by using a “stick with a distorted mushroom”. It feels like riding a pig. Details on how to ride will provide later.

#3. Can zombified Piglins ride: Minecraft Strider will occasionally spawn carrying Zombified Piglins. A strider carrying a zombified piglin will generate with a saddle.

It is also a point to drop the saddle rarely by defeating the strider in this state. Also, if you attack a zombified piglin, the strider will move toward you, so be careful.

#4. Strider doesn’t like water: Striders don’t like water. It will take damage little by little when it comes in contact with water or rain.

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How to Ride a Strider in Minecraft? 

The items you need to ride a strider are a “saddle” to ride and a “stick with a twisted mushroom” to operate it. Saddles can get from fishing, trading with villagers, and from chests in dungeons.

A stick with a warped mushroom you can take by crafting 1 “warped mushroom” and 1 fishing rod. (Warped Mushrooms grow naturally in the Warped Forest in the Nether.). To actually ride it, you’ll need to find a strider in the lava lake and lure it in with a twisted mushroom or twisted mushroom stick in your hand.

If Minecraft Strider is too far away, it will not respond, so you have to find something that is as close as possible. Once lured in, hold the saddle in your hand and use it towards the strider to equip it.

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Minecraft Moss Block Guide
Friday, 9 September 2022 | Minecraft Mob with Goat, and other New Elements in Minecraft | Credit: Mojang

Riding by pressing the button (right click, ZL button, etc.) that uses tools on the strider as it is. By holding a stick with a twisted mushroom in your hand, you will move in the direction the player is facing.

Additionally, using a stick with a warped mushroom will move the strider faster at the cost of less durability. You can also get off the strider by crouching. By the way, you can’t retrieve the saddle unless you defeat the strider,

How to Increase Strider in Minecraft? 

Striders can breed and breed like any other animal. To increase striders, give 2 adult striders distorted mushrooms. Then a heart mark appears and a child is born. Besides, child striders grow into adults over time, but it is possible to speed up their growth by giving them distorted mushrooms.

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Until you have plans for Nether, then there is no need to work on Strider. But overall Strider has some good points and that’s why you must have a few of them for emergencies. Nether is a next-level space, and there are so many creators to discover, use, and get benefit from them.


This is all you need to know about the Minecraft Strider and its characteristics. Strider is an important mob because there are many things that strider can do. For example, if you want to cross the lava then you need a strider. There is no other mob who can handle the heat of lava other than Strider.

We hope you like our post about Strider and learn something new. If you have any doubts then feel free to write in the comment section. Well, if you want to read more articles on Minecraft then make sure to check out our special section. There you will get the latest guides, tutorials, and many more Minecraft articles.

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