TSM To Acquire Optic Gaming’s Valorant Roster?

TSM To Acquire Optic Gaming's Valorant Roster
Could TSM Be Interested in Adding Optic Gaming’s Valorant Roster to Their Team?(Image Via Moroesports)

If TSM can successfully sign OpTic Gaming’s roster, they would receive an enormous boost in the Valorant world. OpTic has always been a team to watch out for, and with TSM’s resources backing them up, they could climb even higher on the leaderboards.

TSM is League of Legends‘ most decorated team, and they want to make their mark in Valorant. With 7 LCS titles and multiple Worlds appearances, TSM is a team that knows how to win.

TSM To Acquire Optic Gaming’s Valorant Roster?

TSM is attempting to acquire the roster after their contracts have ended. Since both organizations are applying for future Riot connections, this may be a significant blow for OpTic Gaming, which has recently shown improvement. However, if this deal goes through, TSM will have one of the most talented rosters in North America and might make them favorites to take home the LCS title in 2019.

However, TSM has been known to make poor decisions in the past regarding rosters and could easily botch this situation. Only time will tell how everything plays out, but it is something worth paying attention to heading into the off-season.

This could be a massive win for TSM, who has been one of the best teams in North America since the beginning of Valorant. They’ve already made an impact in the scene by signing star player Tyson β€˜TenZ’ Ngo, and adding the core of the OpTic roster would make them instant favorites to win any tournament they enter.

Report By Dot Esports

Although it’s unclear what will happen, TSM may be close to becoming a Valorant super team. Both teams have applied to join the Valorant Americas league, which will begin in February 2020. Teams are expected to be informed of their application status before the conclusion of Champions.

Out of the hundreds of teams that applied from North America, Brazil, and Latin America to join the partnership, only ten will be selected. If TSM is unsuccessful in joining, then it’s unlikely we’ll see the OpTic roster joining the organization.

TSM appears to be interested in making a splash in the VALORANT scene by signing OpTic’s NA roster. While nothing is set in stone yet, the organization looks to acquire the entire team. Buyouts might complicate any potential deal for yay and Marvel. Nevertheless, it would be a significant acquisition for TSM if they could sign the squad. And cementing their position as one of the world’s best esports organizations.

The OpTic Gaming VALORANT team is likely to be picked up by TSM before the franchised VALORANT Champions 2022 tournament starts. The OpTic roster, consisting of former Β Β  CS: GO stars like Victor “v1ctr” Jelenic and Joakim “crashes” Lindberg, will see their contracts end after the Champions event.

The report says that TSM is the leading candidate to sign the team. But any deal would be contingent on TSM’s application for a franchise spot. We don’t know if the entire team will stick together after their contracts expire. Nevertheless, it’s starting to look like TSM might be where they end up.

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