How to make a Bundle in Minecraft?

Minecraft Bundle
Thursday, 8 September 2022 | Guide about Bundles in Minecraft | Credit: Mojang

This is an article about bundles that appear in Minecraft. It explains how to obtain bundles, how to use them, and the rules for storing them. A bundle is an item that allows you to store multiple items. Unlike chests, you can store and take out items at any time by opening your bag without having to set it up.

However, there are some rules when storing items, so remember them and use them effectively. You can use bundles to organize blocks and tools in your inventory. Bundles are new items that are available in your inventory, and you can combine blocks and tools in your inventory into a single slot.

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How to make a Bundle in Minecraft?

To make a bundle, craft 6 rabbit hides, and 2 strings. Rabbit Leather is a rabbit drop item. The required number is a little more than 6, so if you find a rabbit, you can take it home with a leash and increase it with carrots. Silk is mainly obtained by killing spiders. We think there are many other opportunities to obtain such as chests in dungeons.

Rules for items in Bundles

The number of items that you can store in a bundle is finite and can only contain 1 stack. For example, a non-stackable golden sword like the one in the image above fills the entire bundle, so you can’t put other items in it. However, items like carrots and fish can up to 64, so each one will only fill one slot in the Minecraft Bundle.

In addition, if you have a bucket-like item that can only stack 16, be careful as one bucket will fill 4 slots (4/64). In other words, it’s a convenient way to use bundles with stackable items such as seeds, flowers, rotten meat, etc.

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How to use Bundles in Minecraft? 

How to use bundles in the Java version: To put an item into a bundle, select the item, move it over the bundle, and right-click to put it away. Items can be up by right-clicking on the bundle.

There is an order for the items that can be out, and the later the item is, the earlier it is out. (Remove in order from the upper left in the bundle.) Also, holding a bundle in your hand and right-clicking on the ground will scatter all the items in the bundle on the ground.


A bundle can hold 1 stack of items (64 total). You can store boats and buckets that were overwhelming your inventory because you could only have one. To put an item into a bundle, hover over it and right-click. This is all you need to know about the Bundles in Minecraft. For more articles like these, you can check out this section and get hundreds of guides, and tutorials on Minecraft.

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