Valorant eDPI Calculator: Everything You need to Know

Valorant eDPI
06/09/2022 | Effective Dots Per Inch aka eDPI | Credits: Riot Games

To begin with, You could be wondering why it’s necessary for us to determine our eDPI. What function does it serve in Valorant? To find out why we need eDPI and how to calculate it using an eDPI calculator, read the entire article to the very end.

We need to understand DPI and sensitivity in order to understand what eDPI is.

What is DPI?

How far the cursor moves for each inch of mouse movement is measured in dots per inch (DPI) or pixels per inch. If the DPI is 1200, for instance, the cursor will move 1200 pixels for every inch that the mouse is moved. The mouse’s sensitivity increases with increasing DPI. Therefore, if you are using a mouse with a higher DPI, any small mouse movement will result in a larger cursor movement on the screen.

You may alter the DPI setting using the software that came with your mouse or by pushing the DPI button if it is available on your mouse, which is usually the case with a gaming mouse. The mouse, browser, and desktop settings will all change when you alter your DPI settings. The vast majority of common gaming mice have a DPI of 400 to 2000. Professional players often choose a DPI setting between 400 and 800 and then modify the sensitivity settings for the game they desire to play.

What is Sensitivity?

Sensitivity is an in-game feature that allows players to adjust their mouse DPI in this game. Instead of adjusting DPI to extremely high settings, this method is a more reliable way to increase your mouse sensitivity. The sensitivity or sens settings in various games might vary, and occasionally the same settings can have two different meanings in various games. So that you can compare it with your friends or easily set a fresh game to your chosen setting, general mouse sensitivity is required.

What is eDPI? And how to calculate eDPI?

eDPI Calculator

We are all aware that gamers enjoy comparing everything: gear, setup, and settings. However, as we’ve already explained, DPI and sensitivity encounter issues in this situation, so we simply utilize another metricβ€”eDPI. Effective dots per inch (eDPI), which is based on DPI and sensitivity, defines genuine mouse sensitivity. However, how can we determine eDPI? The equation is:

eDPI = DPI * sensitivity

Players can compare their actual mouse sensitivity with ease using this number. Using the eDPI calculator, for instance, we may see that Player 1, with an 800 DPI and a 0.5 sensitivity; and Player 2 has a 1600 DPI and 0.25 sensitivity possess the same effective mouse sensitivity (i.e., eDPI).

What is a good eDPI for Valorant?

As most professional Valorant players use settings between 200 and 400 eDPI, it is advised to stay within this range.

Sensitivity bracket for Valorant:

Low Sens = 0-200 eDPI
Medium Sens = 200-400 eDPI
High Sens = 400+ eDPI

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