Why did Tarik Join Sentinels? An In Depth Look and Discussion


Tarik Valorant
01 September 2021 Tarik(in pic), an ex-professional CS: GO player and now full-time content creator for Sentinels. Credits: Sentinels

American esports company Sentinels has made an enthralling announcement after signing the former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player  “Tarik” Celik. Today, the company posted a tweet on the official Twitter page to announce its latest hire.

Tarik then reported on the stream that he is planning to join the content team and is available to be invited to join the professional team if necessary. But, Why did Tarik Join Sentinels- everything you need to know.

An eager player, Tarik has been away from the esports scene since he quit Evil Geniuses’ CS: GO lineup last year to concentrate on his job as a streaming professional and content creator. Tarik has amassed more than 2.2 million Twitch followers, which makes Tarik a trendy choice for gamers.

Why did Tarik Join Sentinels? 

In the welcome trailer for the group in the welcome trailer, the former CS: GO pro also said that he’d be available to fill in for Sentinel’s Valorant lineup should it be necessary. He added:

“Look, If there’s a chance I have the chance to replace, I’m up.”

Sentinels released a short clip of a video chat with Tarik, who explains the process that brought the partnership into being and the kind of content viewers could expect in the future. Tarik, 26, said that he and the American group share many similarities, which was one of the main reasons he decided to sign with the organization. Why did Tarik Join Sentinels? He explained:

“I believe joining an organization will allow me to grow my business and work with others with the same vision. I feel they’re popular, which I am a fan of and find appealing.”

He also said that he’s looking forward to seeing the strategy of the content team from now on. He told that his interest lies in creating skits and other videos that are comical together with the team. Learn why Sentinels were eliminated in VCT 2022.

People React  to the Announcement

The content creator received numerous accolades throughout his career, including participating in the Eleague Boston Major with Cloud9 just four years ago. The prospect of joining the Esports roster has enthused players. Learn why Sentinels sign Zellsis.

While people would like to be able to see it but the streamer isn’t likely to be a part of the competitive arena for Sentinels like Shroud. However, the 26-year-old hasn’t ruled off the idea of being a part of the professional roster.

The streamer has thousands of Twitch followers and an average of around 22K per week, making him one of the most well-recognized streaming channels on purple. Learn why Sentinels faced their first loss in Valorant Championship.

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