Facebook Gaming to Shut Down in October: All Details


Facebook Gaming Shut down
01 September 2020 | Meta announced the official shutdown of the Facebook Gaming app. Credits: Meta

Two years since its release, Facebook is shutting down the Facebook Gaming app on October 28th, 2022. When you launch this app, you’ll be greeted with an announcement that states that the app won’t be accessible for iOS and Android on or after this date.

It will also not be easy to get to on Google Play Store otherwise the Apple App Store. It’s true Facebook Gaming to Shut Down in October.

If you’ve used the app, you’ll be able to download your search results before the app’s discontinuation- everything your need to know.

A Brief Overview-Facebook Gaming to Shut Down in October

The app was launched in April 2020, before the COVID-19 pandemic. It was an opportunity for users to stream their favorite TV shows, play games on the go, and join gaming groups. Facebook faced some challenges when launching the app. Apple refused to approve the app several times, citing the regulations that ban apps from disseminating games purely for entertainment. Apple’s rules obliged Facebook to eliminate actual gaming functions from the application.

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Facebook’s Statement

“We are aware of how important gaming is to our communities, and we look forward to connecting our gamers with the content they enjoy,” a spokesperson for Meta said to TechCrunch in an announcement. “The autonomous Facebook Gaming app has been an astonishing setting that our gamers have been competent to try and process an arrangement of gaming-specific features along with products. A lot of these features are within the Facebook app itself. We’ll continue supporting gamers, communities of developers and creators through the main Facebook application where millions of people engage in games, view gaming videos, and join gaming groups every month.”

It’s unclear why Meta closed the app; however, it’s possible Meta could provide information regarding its decision shortly. Learn how Pokemon resolved Facebook login issues.

Facebook’s Recent Stand on the Issue

Recently, Facebook announced that it’s closing its live shopping feature on October 1st to focus on Reels. The announcement comes when Meta tests new services and eliminates the old ones. From this point, hosting future or planned live-streamed shopping events on Facebook will be impossible. Livestream video shopping became made publicly accessible via Facebook about two years ago. It was the result of several smaller trials and tests. The problem is that Facebook claims it is now changing its focus from live video-based shopping and will instead concentrate on Reels.

On the other hand, Meta is currently testing a new live streaming platform designed for influencers that they call “Super. It is a platform that lets influencers host live streams, make money and interact with viewers. The company has reported paying influencers between $200 and $3000 to access Super for 30 mins. Super began development in late 2020 and is being developed through Meta’s New Product Experimentation team. Super, which appears to offer similar features to Twitch, is currently being tested by fewer than 100 users.

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