How to make a Soul Sand Elevator in Minecraft? (2022)

How to make a Soul Sand Elevator in Minecraft? (2022)
How to make a Soul Sand Elevator in Minecraft? (2022)

We will explain how to make an elevator using soul sand in Minecraft. Easy! high speed! Space saving! It is a convenient elevator that has all the triple threats. Here is an article about how to make an elevator using soul sand.

There are various types of elevators in Minecraft, such as those using Redstone circuits and those using boats. Among them, the elevator using soul sand can be easily created and can move at high speed. You can make it even in a small space, so it is exactly what it is.

How does the Soul Sand Elevator work in Minecraft?ย 

This elevator uses the properties of soul sand. Soul sand placed in water has the effect of making anything above it float. In other words, it is a very simple mechanism that uses its properties to carry it to the top. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about suffocating underwater while floating on soul sand!

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How to make a Soul Sand Elevator?

Items needed for the elevator: Here are the items you need to make a Soul Sand Elevator.

  • soul sand
  • Minecraft water bucket icon water bucket
  • Some blocks of your choice (outer wall blocks)
  • Kombu seaweed (required for the height of the elevator)
  • Signboard and You can make an elevator with this.

Build the base of the elevator: First of all, let’s make the part that will be the base of the elevator. Place soul sand in the center and surround it with blocks. After that, it is OK if only the place where soul sand is a blessing and the surrounding blocks are already damaged.

Add Water: When you complete the base, you will put water inside. you should note that water sources must be available throughout the elevator. The Soul Sand Elevator does not work with currents, so you must be sure to fill it with a water source.

Make a water source using kelp: It is easy to use kelp to make the inside of the elevator a water source. When you complete the placement of kelp in the water, it has the property of changing the water source, so that’s why we use it. First, pour water from the top of the elevator with a water bucket to create a water flow inside the elevator. All you have to do is plant kelp in the water stream.

You can’t put kelp on soul sand, so temporarily replace it with a block that can hold kelp, such as a dirt or stone block, and plant kelp on top of it. Also, be careful not to suffocate while doing this.

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Make an Entrance in Soul Sand Elevator

Let’s make the entrance a finishing touch. Also, you need to devise a little to prevent water from leaking out. All you have to do is locate a “sign” where the water comes from. Then the water will not pass, so it will not flow around.

Figure out how to get off: Elevators that use soul sand are for ascending only. So you need to prepare a way to get off. These two methods are very helpful for getting off. Place “magma block” instead of soul sand. place a water source underneath. we will explain each one in detail.

Place a magma block and descend: Magma blocks have the effect of pulling them down when placed in water. In other words, it is a block that has the exact opposite properties of soul sand in water. Therefore, you can easily make a descending elevator by making another elevator that you made earlier and replacing the soul sand with the magma block. However, be aware that touching magma blocks will damage you.


In Minecraft, no matter how high you fall, there is no chance to get hurt if there is a water source below. Therefore, you can easily descend by simply setting a water source below and jumping off. However, be careful not to land firmly on the surface of the water or you will receive damage.

Let’s prevent accidental death by taking measures such as increasing the area of โ€‹โ€‹water so that it does not land on land. This is all you need to know about the Minecraft Soul Sand Elevator, and if you want to read more tutorials on Minecraft make sure to click on related articles.

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