Top 4 Best Methods for Defending Base in Minecraft

Top 4 Best Methods for Defending Base in Minecraft
Top 4 Best Methods for Defending Base in Minecraft

Defending Base in Minecraft Guide: While Playing Minecraft the player has to be defensive towards his base. Each player should have a defensive base so that they can’t lose the resources that they have collected. Either it is a Single-player or. multi-player, both these games have enemies. To protect the bases from Raids the player should have a Proper defensive structure of their base. So If You want to know more about the strategy of Defense, keep reading this blog post until the end.

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Top 4 Best Methods for Defending Bases in Minecraft

Iron golem

This is for that player who carries enough numbers of iron ingots and pumpkins. These are the things through the help of which you can craft an iron golem and make defensive use of it. Iron golems are the most powerful resources in this game that can be used as guards. Iron golems can kill the enemies in just one to two hits.

The players can place these iron golems on the territory of a base to protect it. That will help them to surround their base with protection. To prevent the crafting of Iron Golems one should have to do the following,

  1. Put the iron block in the shape of a ‘T’
  2. Place a Pumpkin on the ‘T’.

Placing Cactus

The next way for Defending the Base in Minecraft is by Placing Cactus. When the mobs come into contact with cactus then it damages their health. By this, you will come to know that you should use cactus there. To prevent the base from the hostile enemies is to place the cactus on the walls. Also, the players can put those cactuses on the outlines, they would help them to defend the walls. These two processes will protect your base so that enemies wouldn’t be able to enter.

Burning Nether-rack or Magma

Netherracks are used as burning blocks by the players. The players can use these netherracks to prevent their bases. This can be done by placing the Netherracks on the outer zones of your base. So that it will prevent your base from hostile enemies as well as multiplayer. For enemies, it would work as a trap to burn them. All the above-written things are also done by Magma.


The last option is that the player has to create a waterfall in the way between mobs and base. The waterfall can slow down your enemies whether it is a mob or some other players. The Pit along the waterfall should be one block deep.

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