Minecraft Glow Squid: Where to Find (& What they Do) in Minecraft?

Minecraft Glow Squid
Minecraft Glow Squid: Where to Find (& What they Do) in Minecraft?

Minecraft Glow Squid Guide: This is an article about the creature “Squid that emits light (Hikari squid)” that appears in Minecraft. It explains the characteristics of squid that emits light, how to use the luminescent ink sac (shining squid ink) that is a drop item, and the conditions under which it appears.

Luminous squids are animals that appear mainly in the water at low altitudes such as deep seabeds and caves. (In the Java version, it is the popular name Hikari Squid.) As the name suggests, it looks like it is shining even in a dark place. Also, if you defeat the squid that emits light, you will drop a “squid ink bag that emits light (shining squid)”. Because it’s shining, it stands out even in dark places.

Where to Find the Minecraft Glow Squid? 

Luminous squids only appear in water with a height of less than Y = 30. Therefore, it can be found mainly in the deep seabed and deep underground in caves. Even if you don’t go looking for it, if you dig deep underground and make a water source, it will appear. At the time of the first cave and cliff update (ver.1.17), the conditions for the glowing squid to appear are as follows.

  • Height is below sea level (Y = 63 or less)
  • There is no light
  • Water height is 2 squares or more (Java version only, integrated version can be 1 square height)
  • Being on stone blocks (stone, andesite, granite, diorite, tuff, deep rock) (Java version only)

How to Use the Luminous Ink Bag (shining squid ink)?

As a material for a shining picture frame (shining picture frame). The glowing ink sac (shining squid ink), which is a drop item of Minecraft Glow Squid, is used as a material for crafting a glowing frame (shining frame). The names in parentheses are for the Java version. A picture frame that emits light is available in the same way as a picture frame, but it looks shiny even in dark places. 

However, like the squid that emits light, it does not have a brightness level and not available for squirting. Brighten the letters on the signboard even in dark places. If you use the luminous ink sac toward the signboard, the letters will appear to shine even in a dark place. Also, it does not have the same brightness level as the picture frame that emits light.

Characteristics of Glow Squid in Minecraft that Emits Light

Many of the characteristics of squid that emit light are the same as those of normal squid. It looks like it’s shining, but there’s no brightness level. It is a squid that emits light that looks like it is shining, but unlike a torch-like light, it does not have a brightness level. Therefore, even if the squid that emits light looks bright, it does not affect the surroundings. 

Not affect by water flow (Java version only). Although it is a specification only for the Java version, Minecraft Glow Squid contains protection from water currents. For example, mobs that are active on land. And they are going to wash away without going against the water current, but Hikari squid can swim toward the water current. 

When you attack a squid that emits light, it emits squid ink in the same way as a normal squid. Like the main body, the squid ink that is put out is also characterise by its glittering shine. Also, when you put out squid ink, the light of the squid that emits light will be lost for a while.

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