Pokemon Unite Espeon Guide: Builds, Held items, and Gameplay Tips

Pokemon Unite Espeon Guide: Builds, Held items, and Gameplay Tips
Pokemon Unite Espeon Guide: Builds, Held items, and Gameplay Tips

Pokemon Unite Espeon Guide: This is a summary of Espeon Turn and combo in Pokemon Unite (Pokeyuna). It also explains the points to mastering the work, so please refer to it. The six things are important in Espeon Turnaround. By consciously using these six, you will be able to further bring out the performance of Espeon. I will explain each point, so please refer to it and make full use of Espeon.

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Pokemon Unite Espeon Guide: Gameplay Tips

Before perfecting Espeon Turn, let’s first keep in mind the basic “what to do every hour” and “basic movements”. The following pages summarise the recommended belongings and basic walks for Espeon, so if you are using it for the first time, let’s learn the basics first.

About the Choice of Moves

“Psycho Shock” is an attack that shoots 5 waves to the specified range. Nemani damages the hit Pokemon and slows it down for about 2 seconds. In addition, Pokemon that hit all the waves will be incapacitated for about 1 second. In the Pokemon Unite Espeon Guide, the incapacity effect is excellent, so we recommend “Psychoshock” for purpose 1.

“Mirai Chi” reduces the waiting time by about 1 second each time it damages something other than Unite during lock-on. The turnover rate is very high, and it’s easy to guess because it’s a must-have. “Mirai Yochi” is best move recommendation for Move 2.

Team Fight
Pokemon Unite Team Fight

How to Use Espeon in Group Battle Effectively? 

The durability of Espeon is very low. In group battles, don’t go forward, and keep damaging from behind your highly durable allies with enhanced attacks and intentions. However, when you can use the Pokemon Unite Espeon Unite move, it is also an ant to go forward and aim to hit the Unite move against multiple opponents.

“Psycho Shock” can incapacitate a Pokemon that hits all five waves. When the other party approaches, use “psycho-shock” to make them incapacitated and stop the approach.

It has high instantaneous damage, so it is easy to get the last hit. It is also possible to incapacitate the opponent who is aiming for the last hit and support allies to take the last hit. In the battle for wild Pokemon, try to preserve it as much as possible when the HP of wild Pokemon decreases.

Tip for Using Espeon Unite Move & Best Held Items

The Pokemon Unite Espeon move can suspend all opponents within range and incapacitate them. In addition, after hanging in the air, it will damage and push it away, so it is possible to break the formation of the opponent. Aim to hit multiple opponents in a group battle because the type of attack us Espoeon is spread damage. 

Utilize “Dasshutsu Button” and “Speeder.” Espeon has very low endurance and maneuverability, making it difficult to approach a group of opponents. If you want to get closer, use the “Dasshutsu Button” or “Speeder”.

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