Pokémon Home: Everything You Need to Know about Transferring Pokémon

Pokémon Home: Everything You Need to Know about Transferring Pokémon

Pokémon has released information about the cloud service “Pokémon HOME”, which is scheduled to start in early February. “PokémonHOME” is a cloud service for Nintendo Switch and smartphones (iOS / Android compatible) with the concept of “a place where all Pokémongather”. 

The usage fee is free, and a paid premium plan is also available. In “Pokémon HOME”, you can deposit the Pokémonyou made friends within the previous game series in the PokémonBox on the cloud, or take them to each linked software.

Also, by linking the Nintendo Switch version and the smartphone version of “Pokémon HOME” with the same “Nintendo Account”. Furthermore, you can share the Pokémon Box from each hardware. What’s more, if you have a smartphone, you can enjoy Pokémonexchange with people all over the world anytime, anywhere. 

In addition, “Pokémon HOME” has functions such as “National Picture Book” and by using Nintendo Switch and smartphone properly according to the usage scene, “Pokémon” can be using more than ever. You can enjoy games and apps.

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Pokémon Home: Guide to Transferring Pokémon

At this application, you can go beyond the boundaries of hardware and deposit the Pokemon you made friends with within the “Pokemon” series, or take them to each linked software. 

When the service starts in February, it will work with the Nintendo Switch RPG “Pocket Monster Let’s Go! Pikachu / Let’s Go! Evey ”, the Nintendo Switch RPG “Pocket Monster Sword Shield ”, and the Nintendo 3DS software “Pokemon Bank ”. In the future, cooperation with “Pokemon GO ” is also planning for the future.

In the smartphone version of “Pokemon HOME”, you can check information on Pokemon gifts. Furhtmroe, the information on the Internet competition of “Pokemon Sword Shield”.

Pokémon Home: Everything You Need to Know about Transferring Pokémon

Smartphone Special: Exchange Pokemons Anytime and Anywhere 

“Pokemon HOME” has four different exchange functions, and you can enjoy Pokemon exchange anytime. In other words, you can do it anywhere as long as you have a smartphone. The smartphone version of game has a function that allows you to search for Pokemon. You can do it from the “National Encyclopedia” based on their characteristics and memorable moves.

Furthermore, The smartphone version of “Pokemon HOME” has a “mysterious gift” function. By using this function, in addition to the gifts for “Pokemon HOME”, you can receive “Mysterious Gifts” for “Pokemon Sword Shield” instead.

It’s is going to receive at the new application can be left in the Pokemon Box at new applicants as they are. However, the “area check” function of the mysterious gift is not available to people under the age of 16. In addition, some functions may not be available depending on the version of the terminal or OS.

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