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Rocket League Voice Chat
Rocket League

Rocket League is a fusion sports game that involves cars playing a very chaotic game of soccer. This entails that the game focuses more on team play to become efficient in a match. However, just last year, Psyonix decided to get rid of the voice chat feature due to in-game disruptions. Apparently, players were experiencing laggy gameplay and latency due to the voice chat feature solely.

Psyonix made it clear that they’d be removing the feature in the meantime in order to make a few tweaks. After 8 long months of waiting, the devs are finally bringing back a more efficient voice chat in the game.

Rocket League Voice Chat Is Finally Back

Rocket League is finally bringing back voice chat in the game, making coordination (and trash-talking) much more convenient for players. When it comes to team-focused online multiplayer games, especially esports games, voice chat is a very essential feature to have. But even though the game is overly-competitive, Rocket League, for the past year, didn’t have voice chat. Finally, after almost a year of absence, voice chat is coming back to Rocket League in its next update.

During the voice chat’s absence in Rocket League, players had to utilize third-party apps for efficient communication. Discord is typically the go-to application used for voice chat, however, not everyone has access to it. Given that Rocket League is a cross-play game, console players and PC players have difficulty communicating with each other. Luckily Psyonix provided in-game quick chats for basic communications. But nothing beats talking directly to your team.

The most awaited feature of the game is back, and players can’t wait for the update to be released. It has been a long wait and now, the feature is back in a better way. Get ready to appreciate or thrash talk your opponent!

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