Gamers Without Borders Organizing 11 Lakh Worth BGMI Tournament

Gamers Without Borders
Gamers Without Borders

Gamers Without Borders is hosting one of the largest open for all BGMI tournaments, with a total prize pool of 11,00,000 INR, in collaboration with esports boutique firm Gamers Hub. The event, dubbed Gamers Without Borders, is free and open for all. It will provide an excellent opportunity for aspiring players to win a large sum of money over the course of six weeks.

The event is the largest Solo open to all BGMI tournaments. Registration will be open every Friday and will be completely free of charge. Players who are interested can sign up at the Gamers Hub website.

Format and Schedule:

The event will kick off on April 28th and continue till June 8, which features two Solo- TPP mode tournaments daily. Each tournament will have two rounds:

Round 1:

A total of 750 registered players will be split into 10 lobbies to compete in an Erangel TPP classic match. The top 10 players from each lobby will qualify for the second round. 

Round 2: 

The top 100 players from Round 1 will compete for a prize pool of 10,000 INR.

Prize Pool Distribution

The daily tournaments will also have a prize pool of 20,000 INR, and 10,000 INR for each event. The prizes will be given in the form of gift vouchers. 

Placement Prize Money
Winner INR 2,500
2nd Place INR 2,000
3rd Place INR 1,750 
4th Place INR 1,500
5th Place INR 1,250
6th Place INR 500
Most Kills INR 500


About Gamers Without Borders:

After two incredible editions that saw over $20 million donated to covid relief and vaccine distribution; the world’s largest charitable esports and gaming festival is back for the hattrick and aims to reach a total of $30 million worth of humanitarian aid. 

The festival is back offering more than ever for its professional competitors and the viewers. Another massive $10 million to humanitarian aid with a twist. Over the past two years, donations were dedicated to Covid-19 relief and covid vaccine distribution. This year, GWB has worked with humanitarian aid partners to tackle multiple of the most pressing issues in the world today. 

Yet, for the teams and fans, we’ve upped the stakes in 2022. Several of the 6 competitions in this year’s GWB festival will qualify the winners for Saudi Esports’s flagship Gaming & Esports event which boasts a massive prize pool of $15 million in the summer of 2022. 

Just like every year, the charitable esports & gaming event focuses on four main pillars. They are Watch, Game, Learn, and Donate.

About Gamers Hub Media Events:

Since 2017, Gamers Hub Media Events has been merging technology, strategy, and creativity to connect brands, game publishers, content creators, gamers, and viewers. From tournaments to leagues with gaming cafes across the region, to product launches and activations, GHME has partnered with some of the biggest brands, publishers, influencers, and gamers to create unrivaled experiences in both the virtual and real worlds. 

The GHME Platform uses AI-driven algorithms, blockchain tech, and big data to take gaming and esports to the next level. A revolutionary, tech-driven intersection for tournament organizers, game publishers, content creators, and media, across geographies and devices. 

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