Kairagi Genshin Impact: Locations, Strategies, Types And Much More

Kairagi Genshin Impact: Locations, Strategies, Types And Much More
Kairagi Genshin Impact: Locations, Strategies, Types And Much More

Kairagi: Fiery Might is an enemy in Genshin Impact. Learn in which to discover Kairagi: Fiery Might, a way to defeat them, and what objects you could get from them on this guide! Kairagi, are a kind of Nobushi. There are presently styles of Kairagi: Dancing Thunder and Fiery Might. Ochimusha is a ghostly model of Kairagi and is the unique one-time enemy. Like the Kairagi, Ochimusha has types: Ensorcelled Thunder and Cankered Flame.

Most Kairagi is a former yoriki of the Shogun’s Army who left for numerous motives and generally robs others to make a living. It seems that they are able to imbue their swords with the Elements thru a forgotten method with a paper seal from Kamuna art.

Types of Kairagi Genshin Impact

  • Kairagi: Dancing Thunder
  • Kairagi: Fiery Might

Unique Types

  • Ochimusha: Ensorcelled Thunder
  • Ochimusha: Cankered Flame

Where to Find Kairagi: Fiery Might

All Kairagi Locations

The numbers suggest what number of Kairagi enemies are in that unique region. Do notice that every region has distinct styles of Kairagi enemies.

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  • Narukami Island
  • Yashiori Island
  • Seirai Island
  • Kannazuka Island
  • Watatsumi Island
Notable Kairagi
  • “Masanori” – A Kairagi famed for defeating many worth warring parties till he met the Traveler. He may be fought any time after finishing Dreams of Sword Art.
  • Washizu – A Kairagi observed praying in a shrine. He changed into the previous leader of the Higi Village.
  • Nameless Bandit – A Kairagi Genshin Impact observed in The Farmer’s Treasure because the chief of the bandits at Jinren Island. Apparently, he forgot to call himself, accordingly incomes the name “Forgot to Name Himself”.
  • Masterless Samurai – A Kairagi observed throughout Relics of Seirai.
  • Mysterious Samurai – An Ochimusha: Cankered Flame encountered throughout the quest, “The Bunkoku Enigma”. This Ochimusha changed into summoned through Bunkoku to possess Koyanagi and kill his friend. Its identify in-recreation is “Vengeful Guardian Spirit”.
  • Iwakura Art Disciples:
  1. Yanagiha Arashi
  2. Okazaki Toraemon
  3. Mifune Satoshi
  4. Tanba Tetsuo
  5. Inou

Strategy Of Kairagi Genshin Impact

On their own, Kairagi is generally now no longer a problem. However, they’re much like Elite Enemies in power regardless of being labeled as Normal Enemies. When the Kairagi spots the participant, they’ll unsheathe their sword; they advantage a brief harm discount till they end or are staggered, which cancels this animation. Kairagi isn’t specifically sturdy in the event that they have now no longer imbued their swords, even though they nonetheless do enormous harm.

Once they’ve imbued their swords, they come to be some distance greater risky as this extensively will increase their assault power. This also can observe numerous elemental reactions relying on what enemies are close by that in addition growth this harm. When encountered in pairs, coping with Kairagi Genshin Impact turns into a good deal greater difficulty as they each want to be defeated in a quick time body. If the participant defeats certainly considered one among them too fast.

Therefore, the opposite will input an Avenger kingdom, growing their health, prioritizing infusing their blades, and the usage of greater lethal combos. They additionally come to be resistant to Frozen and Petrification attacks. The time body does range because the Kairagi will now no longer try to input this kingdom if withinside the center of an assault, and they are able to nonetheless be Frozen or Petrified earlier than they try to do so, even though none of those are reliable.

Defeat the Pair of Kairagi Genshin Impact Simultaneously

When a collection of Kairagi indicates up as a pair, make certain you defeat each Kairagi at the identical time, as one Kairagi gets more potent while the opposite is defeated prematurely.

Strengthened State

If you did not manipulate to conquer the Kairagi Pair simultaneously, the only nonetheless alive will set off a bolstered kingdom. The Kairagi may have better RES to interruption and could heal a large part of its HP. It may also be resistant to sure reactions like Freeze or Electro-charged.

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