The Eight Biggest Myths about Chapter 3 of Season 2 of Fortnite


Chapter 3 of Season 2
Chapter 3 of Season 2

Chapter 3 Season 2: Fornite Chapter 3 Season 2 has already been the subject of many theories. We all had our own ideas of what we thought would be in the game and what could be vaulted. Many of these theories proved to be true since the season began, while others did not.

We were willing to listen to anyone who proposed a theory on why there were no buildings. Interestingly, no one would have predicted that the story would become a war story. People who wanted a Star Wars episode were mistaken. In the weeks since the season debuted, we’ve busted a few more myths in Fornite.

Myths that have been disproven about Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

Teammate’s torch is damaged when used to repair them

Towards the end of the video (just before the one-minute mark), the repair torch is seen causing quite a bit of damage to the enemies. Teammates are not affected by this rule, so those wondering whether it applies will be pleased to know it does not.

Using the Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle, you can see through any obstacle

The return of the enhanced Thermal Scoped AR has been met with a great deal of praise. Players wonder whether it sees through anything with this awesome weapon. Lachlan started testing 1:12 in to see if the camera could see through small and large bushes. Bushes cover players from view when they are big, and cover whatever it covers when they are small.

You can always expect llamas to spawn

During Season 1, the spawn position of Lt. John Llama was a guaranteed loot llama. The video starts at 1:50 when Lachlan finds that neither of them are there anymore. Although some llamas still naturally spawn, they do not do so as frequently as they once did.

It is impossible for tanks to have weak points

Fornite tanks have been a controversial and vast addition to the game. There are some that consider them overpowered, and many do not see any weakness in them. Two weak spots can be hit if players shoot at the back of the tank, however. The weapon deals the same amount of damage, but it temporarily disables the victims from moving and shooting. (2:50 mark).

Overshield that heals tactical injuries

Overshield in tactical mode (Image courtesy of Epic Games)
Overshield in tactical mode (Image courtesy of Epic Games)

An additional controversial addition to the no-build week is tactical overshield. While it automatically replenishes over time, does it have the ability to be restored? Unfortunately, it cannot be (4:35). A tactical overshield cannot be increased or consumed when the health gauge and normal shields are full.


The modification of cars has been a major part of this season and has improved them significantly. Cars now have Cow Catchers to make them more offensive, in addition to off-road tires from the original game. Can they be applied to tanks, however? The answer is no, since tanks would be too powerful (4:45 mark).

The Siege Cannon causes fall damage

Fortnite players have the option of pulling their gliders after launching in a Siege Cannon, but they can also descend directly to the ground. Though this may theoretically lead to falls, in practice it does not cause damage (5:00). Consequently fortnite gamers can barrel into anything without worry (5:00).

Llama Loot presents materials to Loot

This is a loot llama (Source: Epic Games)
This is a loot llama (Source: Epic Games)

Players wonder if loot llamas will drop materials since there is no building in the game, but they are still in the game, so players need to find out if they will drop materials. In addition, they haven’t dropped any chili chug splashes either (7:20).

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