Why Does Valorant Update So Slow: Know How To Fix It

Know why valorant updates slowly and how to fix it.

Valorant Update So Slow
Patch Note 3.08 is now available

Often Valorant players try to update the game as soon as possible and they end up asking questions like why does it be slow? Trust me, the problem is faced by many other players and this can be fixed. So, read this article until the end in order to fix it and download it with more speed.

Reason For Valorant Update So Slow:

Valorant Update So Slow:
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The game releases its updates regularly. Recently, the 3.08 update is rolled out and players are getting a hand on it. Moreover, most of the players face issues while updating. Moreover, it can be annoying and irritating sometimes because you can’t be very much patient in these situations.

You open the Valorant client after knowing an update has been rolled out. Now, you click on the update button and then minimize the client as it may take a little time. You start watching videos or do multitasking. Later on, you see the client stopped downloading the update. Often Valorant updates the game so slow in the background.

There can be many reasons behind this. Furthermore, issues with DNS and routers can be one. Or, there might be some issue with your background apps. As most of the low-end PCs don’t focus very much on clients which are minimized.

So, let’s move forward and know how to fix this Valorant slow update.

How To Fix It?

Valorant Update So Slow:

There are a few methods that can fix your slow update process. Now, we know the reason why Valorant downloads update so slow. Let’s move forward into solutions.

Method-1: Reset Router

Resetting your router might give you a stable internet connection. However, there are possibilities of getting fixed after this.

Sometimes the routers work better after the restart. So, you can try this one.

Method-2: Troubleshoot DNS

Troubleshooting your DNS may help you in the update. You can troubleshoot your network by right-clicking on the right side of your taskbar where the wifi mark is present.

Method-3: No Background Apps

This can be one solution to fix the so slow update of Valorant. However, this is not an issue in high-end PCs.

Method-4: Pause And Start Again

This can be a good option to fix the issue. Moreover, you can pause the update, cancel it and then restart again.

So, these were some steps to fix the so slow update of Valorant

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