Valorant Patch 4.05: Everything You Need To Know

Valorant 4.05

Valorant has been the top First Person Shooter (FPS) game since its launch and the Valorant eSports has grown a lot across the globe. It is a free-to-play first-person shooter game developed and published by the dev giants Riot Games. The game is available for Microsoft Windows and is predicted to be on android soon. The game was officially released on June 2, 2020, because of a successful beta test. Since 2020, there have been several updates for the game filled with buffs and nerfs. The Valorant patch 4.05 will be out soon everything you need to know is here.

There are some buffs and nerfs in patch 4.05. Brimstone will be the most affected agent in this update because it was believed that Brimstone was overpowered compared to other agents. The bug in Icebox and agents are fixed too. There are a few changes in the game system and competitive.

All Changes Coming In Patch 4.05:

Brimstone nerfs
Brimstone Nerfs

Valorant Patch 4.05 has come with minor changes and not many agents are affected by this. This update is basically to balance the game and fix a few bugs.

  • Agent Update:
  1. Brimstone
    Stim Beacon charges reduced 2 >>> 1
    Stim Beacon cost increased 100 >>> 200
  • Bugs Fixed:
  1. Competitive
    Fixed a bug where PBE players were facing an with the Leave Match button was functioning incorrectly.
  2. Agents
    Fixed an issue where Brimstone’s orbital strike destroyed Sova’s Recon Bolt even if the recon bolt was way far.
  3. Social
    Fixed an issue where the mic icon on the in-game scoreboard couldn’t be changed with the mouse hovering over.
  • Game system updates:
  1. Now you can import and export crosshair settings via auto-generated codes.
  2. Reworked ‘Prioritize Strongest Weapon’ settings can now be renamed, updated, more recently equipped weapon selection has been fixed.

They have even announced that the Icebox bug is known to them and they are working towards fixing it and they might release that update soon.

Brimstone mains might have a tough time getting used to the changes as the Stim Beacon is one of the most important abilities but they might be feeling lucky that the smokes were not tampered with. No other agents were touched in this update. Players hoped a Chamber nerf this update but Valorant seems to have no plans to do that because no such leaks have come out!

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