End Of Run For Velocity Gaming In Valorant APAC Stage 1?

Velocity Gaming Squad
VLT Squad for APAC

Velocity Gaming, formed in 2017, started its journey with the famous PC Game CS: GO and Rainbow Six Seige. After a successful start, they announced their entry into Mobile Gaming with PUBG Mobile (now Battleground Mobile India). Velocity Gaming was registered as an Indian Esports team in 2019 by the Indian businessman Manoj “SENTINEL” Kashyap. VLT was one of the top teams in PUBG Mobile and now is at the top in the Indian Valorant eSports scenario. They played 3 games in VLT APAC but now it is the end of the run for Velocity Gaming in Valorant APAC Stage 1.

Velocity Gaming roster consisted of Anuj “Amaterasu” Sharma, Tejas “rite2ace” Sawant, Vibhor Vaid, Sagnik “Hellff” Roy, Agney “Marzil” Koushik, Mohit “mw1” Wakle, Debanjan “Deathmaker” Das. Mw1 couldn’t play the tournament because he had some family issues. Marzil was the substitute in the tournament. Is it the End Of Run For Velocity Gaming?

What Went Wrong For Velocity Gaming?

Velocity Gaming team
VLT Lower Bracket Final

Velocity Gaming qualified for Valorant APAC defeating Global Esports in Valorant Conquerers Championship. VLT played their first game against Oblivion Force winning the match 2-0. They were second on the table after this match and had higher chances to qualify for the Quater Finals. VLT lost the Upper bracket final against Full Sense 2-0 but got a second chance in the. Lower bracket finals against South Built Esports. South Built Esports knocked Velocity Gaming out from Valorant APAC Stage 1 winning the game 2-0.

Velocity Gaming fans are disappointed with the performance of VLT and the toxicity has increased in tweets, chats, etc. Players and other influencers have requested the viewers to support the teams instead of pulling them down because of a bad tournament.
Many are in support of the team and are proud of the team which represented India at the global level. Many fans are showing love and support to players and the team to overshadow the hatred and toxicity.

VLT played well in the lower bracket final but lost the match due to a few silly mistakes and threw a few winnable rounds. The match could be won by Velocity Gaming if they showed a little consistency in rounds and avoided silly mistakes. They couldn’t convert a good start to a win or consistently win rounds. It was predicted that Velocity Gaming would come out victorious because of the skillset and past performance. But the results were the other way around.

Is There Any Chance Left For VLT?

The run for Velocity Gaming is now over in Valorant APAC Stage 1 but they will get a slot in Valorant APAC Stage 2. VLT has a chance to work on their mistakes from the first stage and prove themselves in Stage 2. The journey will be difficult because other teams will be prepared for the challenge but VLT will have to grind to excel themselves and get even better.

As per sources, there might be a change in the VLT management but the details have not been leaked yet. The chances of VLT changing their roster are minor because of the chemistry between players and the achievement of the roster. There were a few setbacks in this tournament which should now make the squad weak. But only rectify the mistakes and make the chemistry stronger. They might hire a coach to help Amaterasu and other players try new things and fix the errors in a quick manner. Predicting anything would be tough at this point of time. All we can wish is they come back stronger and prove themselves at a higher level.

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