Fortnite Emotes: 6 Most Broken Emotes Throughout History

Fortnite Emotes
Chapter 1 to Chapter 3 in Fortnite: History Explained

The hitbox of characters is significantly altered by the multitude of broken Fortnite emotes. Various loopers have different abilities that help them conceal themselves, while others make it harder for enemies to shoot them. There are a number of broken emotes and pay-to-win content in Fortnite. However, The items in the Item Shop that are most popular are cosmetics.Β Moochers love to show them off after winning a game/fight or on the spawn island.

There are 6 Fortnite emotes that work in strange ways

1. Bear Hug

Bear Hug emote doesn’t work in Fortnite due to multiple problems. The emote is not appropriate when used with others, according to some players. Changing to a weapon and initiating Bear Hug will allow them to crouch.

It was surprising that the Bear Hug emoticon was temporarily removed, but there is still a lot of trouble with it.

2. Breakin’

Despite the fact that Breakin’ is one of the coolest emotes ever, it is actually the most frustrating to deal with in a match. When this emote is active, it is nearly impossible to shoot at a long distance against an opponent using it.

As the character moves across the space, it may be difficult to shoot at long distances. As a consequence, the hitbox is halved.

This item can be found in the Item Shop on numerous occasions from Chapter 1 Season 3. In recent years, players have used this to taunt their opponents who are trying to take them down with snipers.

3. Wave

In Fortnite Chapter 1, the Wave emote does not break because it provides a competitive advantage. Its primary function is to help players gather materials faster.

For players to harvest materials twice as quickly, they need to bind the right mouse button to Locker Emote Slot 1. Streamers like Tfue have established this requirement. Therefore, Wave was assigned to Locker Emote Slot 1.

4. Deep Dab

Players who are competitive could exploit the Deep Dab emote as well. The character would hide completely under a window when it was used in box fights.

You could use the shotgun headshot button to eliminate your opponent between animations. SypherPK and others have been complaining about the emote and have urged Epic Games to fix it.

5. Neighbourly Hang

One of the most broken emotes in the entire game is Neighborly Hang, introduced in Chapter 3. Using it, players can float above doors and platforms so they are concealed.

The Neighborly Hang exploit allows players to play hide-and-seek with each other since Chapter 3 was released. Due to Epic Games having not fixed or patched it, Neighborly Hang is still one of the most sought-after cosmetic items in Chapter 3 Season 1.

6. Heart Sign

International Women’s Day gave away the Heart Sign as a free, wholesome gift.

However, if players use the emote together at least once on the spawn island, the sound will be heard miles away on the map. This can be exploited by YouTuber Tabor Hill to annoy opponents during matches.

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